Log truck driving jobs may require professionals to drive log tractors and vehicles which might be equipped with accessories like frontal shear, bulldozer blade, logging arch, grapple, hoisting rack, cable winches and crane boom.

Most of the time, log truck drivers are employed to do works as varied as felling a tree; loading, unloading, skidding or stacking logs; pulling stumps and clearing brush.

Work environment offered to log truck drivers is quite challenging and adventurous. These professionals are mostly required to work outdoors. Most often, they are put to work in isolated and far-flung areas. While working in these areas, they are also exposed to extreme and inclement weather. These professionals remain exposed to hazardous conditions, as well. So, they are required to take high level of safety measures while they are on work.

Log Truck Driver Jobs Training

Training and professional skills hold less importance for bagging entry level log truck driver jobs. For most of the employers, a candidate with a secondary school diploma or a GED certificate fulfills basic requirements of bagging log truck driver job opportunities. Possessing a license adds to the employment prospects of these professionals.

Log truck driver jobs fall into the category in which professionals obtain skills through on-the-job training. Once they are exposed to the forest environment and start working, they grow familiar to the dangers involved. Their training is mainly related to safety and handling dangerous situations.

There are some other categories of log truck driver jobs which require certain level of training. These exclusive categories of jobs require professionals to operate heavy and expensive equipments and machineries. Some of the organizations that are known to offer high-end training facilities related to operating and handling these machineries include:

  • Northeastern Loggers Association
  • Forest Resources Association, Inc
  • American Loggers Council

Apart from these, there are some technical and vocational schools as well as community colleges that offer classes in technical degree in wildlife management, forestry, forest harvesting and conservation. Any of these courses can allow an aspirant to scale great professional heights as log truck drivers.

Log Truck Driver Salary

Log truck driver salary varies. It depends on various factors such as educational background, professionals training and practical job experience. However, an aspirant who plans to bag entry-level log truck driver job would not be get disappointment, as well.

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