Exciting career opportunities are in store for people who have biology major degree. People who have pursued university major program in biology have the knowledge of earth and various other living creatures. This knowledge allows them to go after wide range of job opportunities. Biology major professionals preferably bag jobs in laboratories, zoos and hospitals.

Apart from these, teaching is another important career path where lots of people with biology major love to tread on. All these fields that are specifically crafted for biology professionals are known to offer great financial return as well as high career prospects.

Some of the most popular jobs for biology majors are mentioned below:

  • Medical illustrator
  • Marine and coastal consultant
  • Food scientist
  • Barrier beach manager
  • Hydrographic survey technician
  • Marine tourist worker
  • Forester
  • Pharmaceutical Salesperson
  • Biology teacher
  • Zoologist
  • Ecologist
  • Genetic counselor

Government Jobs for Biology Majors

Both federal government and state government are important employers of professionals who have pursued undergraduate university programs in biology successfully. These professionals are recruited by government for working in government sponsored academic institutions, research organizations and laboratories. Federal Government of the USA is the most significant recruiter of biology major degree holders. Some of the job-titles for which federal government recruits biology major professionals are:

  • General biological scientists
  • Entomologists
  • Fishery biologists
  • Microbiologists
  • Range conservationists
  • Wildlife biologists
  • Zoologists
  • GAO evaluator

Hospital Jobs for Biology Majors

Hospitals are most sought-after job avenues for biology major professionals. Hospitals are known to have their own research establishments where presence of biology professionals is a must for carrying out research and development works. A few of the most popular hospital jobs in biology majors include:

  • Research assistant (basic science)
  • Research lab specialist (chemical biology)
  • Post doctoral associate (cancer biology)
  • Clinical monitor
  • Medical/clinical laboratory technologist
  • Research and development laboratory technician

Apart from these, several entry level jobs for biology majors are also on offer in various research organizations, wildlife projects and academic institutes.

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Jobs for Biology Majors: Entry Level, Government and Hospital Jobs

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