Sociology is a wide career field with lots of exciting job opportunities in California. It is an important sub-division of social sciences. This subject studies various aspects of the social activities of human beings. Its important fields of study are related to human cultures and social relations as well as social stratification of human beings.

Sociology major degree assures the graduates great career opportunities in California. Since sociology is related with various other operational areas and activities of our day-to-day life, it offers wide career options to choose from.

A person with a sociology major degree has the ability to explore wide range of career options in both government sector and private sector. You can choose from lots of opportunities lying with both federal government and state government. Government agencies and departments recruit sociology major professionals mostly for the position of human service specialist.

Government Jobs for Sociology Majors

More exciting government job position in the field of sociology is therapist or counselor. Any of these job-titles promises high career growth. You can also fulfill your ambition to enter into government job with a sociology major degree program if you choose academic field. There are great numbers of government-sponsored academic institutions. These institutions always look out for qualified sociology teachers for various teaching posts.

Some of the great jobs for sociology majors include:

  • Anthropologist
  • Corrections professional
  • Criminologist
  • Human rights officer
  • Human services professional
  • Law enforcement officer
  • Public relations specialist
  • Rehabilitation counselor
  • Substance abuse counselor
  • Teacher
  • Warden

Entry Level Jobs for Sociology Majors

The list of jobs for sociology majors also includes wide range of entry level jobs. These jobs are mostly preferred by university freshers who generally have no work experience. A few of these entry level jobs for sociology majors include:

  • Advertising staffer
  • Consumer relations worker
  • Planning assistant
  • Child care worker
  • Telemarketer
  • Technical writer
  • Juvenile court worker

These varied job opportunities combine to make sociology major one of the most sought after career options.

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Jobs for Sociology Majors in California: Entry Level, Government Jobs

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