Economics is one of the most sought after education disciplines. Numerous career options are associated with economics major degree. Therefore, people who target high career prospects generally prefer economics majors.

People who obtain university degree in economics and work in the related fields professionally are called economists. Wide career options are in store for people who have successfully completed major degree in economics.

Professionals who possess undergraduate degree in economics are known to carry out researches on how to obtain maximum benefit with the help of resources like land, raw material, capital, labor and technology. They also monitor demand and supply of products, business trends, exchange rates, employment rates, taxation and inflation. These core skills allow professionals with economics degree bag wide range of jobs in both private sector and government sector.

Jobs for Economics Majors

Some of the preferred jobs for economics majors include:

  • Financial analysts
  • Financial institution examiners
  • Loan specialists
  • Trade specialists
  • Transportation industrial analysts
  • GAO evaluators

Entry Level Jobs for Economics Majors

Like any other educational discipline, economics majors also assure great career options for people who like to grab entry level job opportunities in the related field. Entry level jobs for economics majors are mostly preferred by university freshers who explore career opportunities after they have successfully finished their academic stint. Some of the preferred entry level job opportunities that are specially meant for fresh economics undergraduates include:

  • Assistant actuary analyst
  • Strategy analyst
  • Business analyst
  • QA analyst
  • Contract specialist

Government Jobs for Economics Majors

People with economics major degree can also explore prospective job options that are offered by government department, agencies and organizations. There are several federal government departments that offer various research and data as well as statistics management jobs. Significant among such federal government offices are Office of Personnel Management (OPM) and Federal Reserve Board.

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Jobs for Economics Majors: Entry Level and Government Jobs

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