Industries in India lay a lot of importance on research and development. Biotech is one such field where lot of research is being done. Every major pharmaceutical company has a biotech wing where biotech professionals are employed to process medicines and even create new products.

Biotech jobs in India offer excellent career prospects. Jobs in the biotech industry are available for medical researchers, technicians and even engineers. Jobs in the biotech sector are available in private research institutions, universities, pharmaceutical companies, and manufacturing firms.

To get into this sector one needs to have a degree in Biotechnology. An advanced degree can help one get jobs in research laboratories and universities. Specialized study in the field of agricultural studies, food science, biological and chemical manufacturing, and industrial technology can help one get an opening in biotech sector. Those who have advanced degree in this field have to carry out wide research on the effect of chemicals on substances. The outcome of the experiments is used to manufacture different products like pesticides, medicines, food additives, fertilizers, and plastics.

Government Biotech Jobs in India

Government biotech jobs offer a secure future. The government of India invests thousands of crores in research and development. There are several government based research institutions like the Saha Institute of Nuclear Science, Bose Institute of Research etc that offer biotech jobs. These positions offer rewarding career prospects as well. Jobs for freshers are also available with these government institutions. Advertisements are placed in newspapers seeking fresh candidates for various positions. Those keen to get into this sector, need to visit the websites of these research institutes.

Agri Biotech Jobs

Agri biotech jobs in India offer huge openings for scientists. This is because India is an agriculture based country where there is a dire need of discovering high class and effective fertilizers to boost agricultural production.

The job portal of government of India throws light on the various biotech positions available in India. Additional information like qualification, experience and age bar is also mentioned. So for more information on biotech jobs in India 2011 visit the website of the government of India or the various research institutes in the country.

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Biotech Jobs in India: Government, Agri and Freshers Biotech Jobs

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