Nuclear energy jobs top the latest career chart. The trend of pursuing career in nuclear energy is in practice in most of the advanced countries across the world and India is no exception. Let’s discover the constituents which make it one of the most-sought after career options of the present century.

India is included in a few selected world countries which offer great career prospects to aspirants in the field of nuclear energy. There is huge demand for nuclear professionals in India as the country is going to depend on nuclear energy more and more. At present, India depends on nuclear power energy to get 3% of its electrical power supply.

It is expected that nuclear energy would be used full-fledged in all the sectors as country’s stock of fossil fuels is fast getting depleted. This situation makes nuclear energy career option in India highly prospective.

Nuclear Energy Jobs and Careers in India

The career field of nuclear energy has on offer various job options to suit the professionals with different educational backgrounds. Aspirants who want to build their careers in the field of nuclear energy pursue the degree course of nuclear engineering. Professionals working as nuclear engineers are professionally required to design as well as build nuclear power plants. They are also required to operate these plants and help in generating nuclear energy.

Nuclear engineering profession also requires the professionals to lead nuclear submarines, handle power space systems and nuclear fuels and ensure that the radio active wastes are disposed of safely. Professionals in this field are also trained to carry out research about proper utilization of isotopes for medical purposes.

Nuclear energy jobs in India can also allow you to bag employment positions at weapon manufacturing units, defense organizations and industries which develop radio active materials. Various educational institutes and research organizations in the country also employ trained and skilled nuclear energy professionals.

India offers rich nuclear energy career options to specialized professionals. Nuclear graduates and experts in the country are mostly appointed as fellow scholars and scientists in research organizations. Popular career options preferred by nuclear energy professionals in the country include:

  • General Manager (Nuclear Power Projects)
  • Technologist (Nuclear Medicine)
  • Nuclear Mechanical Engineers
  • Technician (Nuclear Medicine)
  • Senior Technologist (Nuclear Medicine)
  • Staff Nurse (Nuclear Medicine)
  • Physician (Nuclear Medicine)
  • Lab Technician (Nuclear Medicine)
  • Lecturer (Nuclear Science Technology)

Prestigious career avenues for pursuing nuclear energy jobs in India include Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) and Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO).

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Nuclear Energy Jobs in India: Nuclear Energy Careers

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