The Indian textile industry has come of age. With its vast expansion over the years, the textile industry in the country has registered immense growth. This industry has been fortunate enough to have constant back up of various kinds of researches in the field. All these aspects have made it what it is today. Textile industry in India has the significance of being the backbone of the nation’s economy as it is known to contribute huge revenue to the nation’s treasure.

Textile industry in India is included among industries which require more and more working professionals, especially graduate engineers. Professionals with skills in design, engineering, management, apparel, chemistry, quality assurance and sales and marketing have fair chances of getting more and more textile jobs in India.

The field of textile engineering is known to be interesting as it combines engineering principles with particular knowledge of various textile processes and textile equipments. It is due to this reason that the syllabus of textile engineering borrows much from other engineering fields such as electrical, mechanical, chemical and industrial engineering.

Textile industry in the country primarily manufactures fabrics of both natural as well as synthetic types. A portion of this industry is also involved in the production of new machinery and application of fresh technology. Thus, you can categorize textile industry in India in three broad areas of work. These include R & D (research and development), manufacturing and merchandising.

Technical Textile Jobs in India

Since India is home to the largest textile industry in the world, it offers immense and prospective career potential to young aspirants in the country. Most of the jobs which are explored in this industry are technical jobs. There are several educational degrees on offer for textile engineering aspirants at both graduate and postgraduate levels.

However, one degree program that can boost up your career prospect to great level is B. Tech in Textile Engineering. A successful completion of this degree program can allow you to explore the best possible options for you in the field of textile industry. Degrees like B.E., M. Tech and Ph. D are also known to offer high career growth to people who look for technical textile jobs in India.

Government Textile Jobs in India 2011

NTC (National Textile Corporation Limited) is the most significant government body which offers prestigious job positions to job aspirants. Some of the important government textile jobs in India 2011 offered by NTC include:

  • Sr. Consultant
  • Technical Manager (Product Development and Innovation)
  • Textile Laboratory Assistant
  • Sr. Executive Director
  • General Manager (Tech)
  • Management Trainee

Apart from these government gobs, textile industry in India also offers multitude of private job options.

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Textile Jobs in India 2011: Government and Technical Textile Jobs

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