India has been making a significant development in almost every sector and with the development of the country, several new companies have opened up here. Thus, the job vacancies in almost every sector have increased to great extent.

As per the employment reports of the last few years, the GIS jobs in India have also increased significantly in the recent years. Therefore, students who are planning to start a career in this field can expect to start a successful career by working a little hard.

The reports of the GIS jobs in India 2011-12 indicate that vacancies have increased compared to the previous years. If someone is interested in starting a career in this field, he can check out the employment news and look out for vacancies in the posts of GIS Analysts, GIS Data Specialist, GIS Technician, GIS Engineering Technician, GIS Engineering Aide, GIS Application Specialist, GIS Data Specialist, GIS Mapping Technician or GIS Mapping Assistant.

It is always recommended to apply for the jobs depending on your skills as well as the qualifications required for the work. The qualifications and skills that are required for the job are declared in the job portals along with the advertisements for the vacancies. So, read it out carefully and then make the application.

GIS Jobs in Indian Government 2011-2012

  • With the increasing popularity of the GIS jobs, many young candidates are now looking for GIS jobs in Indian Government.
  • A government job is generally given the first preference for its security. If you are looking for government jobs in GIS field, you can look out for the employment news published weekly or monthly.
  • You can also take a peek at different online portals offering the news of government jobs. Nowadays, many online job portals send newsletters about new openings in this field.
    You can read those newsletters to get the right information.

GIS Companies in India

When you want to secure a job in the GIS companies in India, you need to have excellent written and verbal communication skills. Strong knowledge of Macro or C or C++ or any Visual Basic Programming language is a must for these jobs. Someone who is aspiring to start a career in this field should have knowledge of at least two GIS packages. Possessing strong skills of GIS is an added advantage. Formal training for the work can also keep you a leap ahead of the other applicants for the same post of GIS jobs.

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GIS Jobs in Indian Government and Companies in India 2011-2012

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