Jobs in media industry have always been a lucrative career options for youths. The glitz and glamour of the media industries have always attracted young men and women to start a career in this field. If you are also interested to get the latest update on the media jobs in India, you need to keep a watch on the news and reports related to the topic.

When you search for jobs in the media industry, you need to make yourself familiar with the diversified vacancies in this field. Depending on your educational qualifications and also your working interests, you can apply for the right post in the media industry.

Media jobs in India in the year 2011-12 are increasing significantly. Therefore, someone who aspires to start a career in this field is required to send application for the desired post. Yet, one should specifically decide whether he wants to start a career in the television industries, print media, radio or the online media. The eligibility requirement and the qualifications of the jobs are not same. Therefore, someone who wants to be successful in this career should go for the right course to get the required degrees for a post.

Media Jobs in India for Freshers

  • Jobs in media industries are not meant for the experts of the field only. This industry also recruits a large number of fresher candidates every year.
  • Someone who is just about to start his or her career can look out for media jobs in India for freshers.
  • Information on the vacancies in this industry is published on different online job portals as well as in multiple newspapers.
  • If someone keeps a careful watch on the career news, he can easily find information about different openings in India.


  • When you are interested in starting a job in this industry, you can go for the government jobs or you can give a try to the private sector jobs as well.
  • Jobs in private networks are not necessarily unsecured. If someone has the required skill and the zeal to put in his or her best performance, he or she can easily become successful in private sector jobs, too.
  • When you are looking for jobs in the entertainment industry, you may also like to know that the compensation or salary in this profession is also good enough to help in leading a decent livelihood. Yet, it may vary, depending on your designation as well as the specialization you have selected.
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Media Jobs for Freshers in India 2011-12: Salary & Career Information

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