Modern technological growth owes much to technicians working in almost every sphere of our life. There is not a single aspect of contemporary life that is untouched by technology. You cannot imagine a single industry without the roles played by technicians. Technicians have the significant responsibilities of executing the techniques and mechanisms formulated by technocrats.

A technician can be employed in any of the fields of technology. These professionals are known to be highly efficient with extra ordinary techniques and skills along with practical comprehending power of the theoretical principles of their respective field. Experienced technicians usually possess excellent technical talent but their theoretical understanding remains of average quality.

But compared to an average commoner or even a general professional, technicians are known to be well-versed in techniques. It can be further understood by this example; an audio technician is not known to be as skilled in acoustics as you would find an acoustical engineer to be. The latter is known to be more efficient in the operation of sound equipments. However, a technician would definitely have more knowledge of the same than performers or other studio staff.

Technicians come under two major categories – skilled workers and semi-skilled workers. Both types of professionals can play significant part in any production process. These professionals are employed in various fields with the job-title of technician.

Therefore, a technician who works in a theater and supplies technical support meant for the production and performance of a play is called a stage technician. Likewise, a medical technician is the professional who supplies technical support to the medical establishments. Some of the popular job-titles of technicians working in various professional fields include:

  • Engineering technician
  • Aircraft Maintenance Technician
  • Pharmacy technician
  • Dental technician
  • Computer repair technician
  • Lighting technician
  • Veterinary technician
  • Theatrical technician
  • Mechanic

Technical Jobs in Indian Navy

Indian Navy is one of the most prestigious employers which recruit technicians in large number. Technical professionals inducted by Indian Navy mostly belong to technical fields such as engineering, computer, mechanic and pharmacy. People who have degrees such as BE (Bachelor of Engineering) or B Tech (Bachelor of technology) have fair chances to navigate job options in the Indian Navy.

Technical Jobs in Indian Army

Indian army is other important recruiter of technical professionals in India. It offers wide range of job options to young aspirants. Main eligibility condition for technical jobs in Indian Army centers around BE (Bachelor of Engineering) and B Tech (Bachelor of technology).

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Technical Jobs in India: Jobs in Indian Navy, Army and Railway

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