Sports offer good job prospects in India. Sports professionals find openings in various establishments across the country. Whether it is the private sector or government institutes sports persons are recruited in various positions.

Sports professionals are recruited in positions like that of sports trainers, physical therapists, sports medical assistants, managers, consultants, clinical exercise specialists, sports psychologists and even nutritionists.

There are several important sports training academies which recruit sports persons in various capacities. Three such most important academies are the MRF sports academy, the sports authority of India and Tata football academy. MRF Pace Foundation in Chennai trains cricketers. So, cricket coaches, physiotherapists and sports medical assistants are often hired by the agency. The Tata Football Academy, Kolkata, grooms soccer players. Soccer coaches, strategist and physical therapists can find openings in this institute. The Jaideep Mukherjee tennis club based in Kolkata recruits sports person from the field of tennis.

Sports Authority of India (SAI) is the supreme sports body in India. It regularly comes out with different schemes to spot latent talent and hone students for the state, national and international level. Former sports persons and coaches are hired to spot and groom talents.

The board of control of cricket also recruits sports persons in various positions both at the national and state level. Former cricketers can get chance as cricket coaches, umpires, physiotherapists, etc.

Sports Jobs in Delhi, India

  • All educational institutes also offer sports jobs in India. Major school and colleges recruit sports persons as coaches for the sports they partake in.
  • Major universities have separate cricket, football, tennis, badminton teams and so hire coaches for all these games.
  • Sports jobs in Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai and Mumbai offer promising prospects. Sports jobs for women are also available for women sports persons. They are required to train an all women’s team.
  • Sports offer great career prospects in India. As a sports person you stand at a better position to gets jobs in India. This is because the government of India and all state governments have a separate job quota for sports persons.
  • As a sports person you can always apply for jobs through the quota and stand a good chance of getting the job.

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Sports Jobs In India: Sports Jobs For Graduates and Women In Delhi

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