Pregnant moms suffer from two syndromes. One is morning sickness and the other is lack of energy. However, whiling away time can be a bit of a problem. More so, if the mother loves to be engaged with work. If you are a single mother you probably have no choice but to work. However with the advent of the computer and the internet and communications playing such an important role pregnant mothers can find good ways to keep themselves engaged from home.

Today online jobs offer pregnant moms excellent job opportunities. Companies which outsource jobs are looking for people who are available to work at home. And they are least bothered whether the person is pregnant or not. All that matters to them is to have the work done properly. Jobs are best suited for women because it can be done around her schedule, giving her time for doctor's appointments. Moms can even avail maternity leave until she feels strong enough to bounce back to work again. At the same time these jobs involve no physical exertion whatsoever.

Jobs for Pregnant Women and Moms at During Pregnancy
With due consideration to the fundamental requirements for pregnant women jobs, here is a list of some suitable jobs for them.

  • Medical Transcription: If a woman knows about biology, human body anatomy and medicine this can be the best job available for her when she is pregnant. Those who are not familiar with it can take up online tutorials and become an expert. You can do this job well after childbirth.
  • Telemarketing: Another stress free job for pregnant women involves making telephone calls to customers and informing them about new services, products, and promotional offers. Many agencies help you perform these jobs from home.
  • Administrative Jobs: Another stress free job for pregnant moms is desk jobs in places like travel agencies, libraries, private offices, etc. Jobs such as those of a bookkeeper, receptionist, typist, etc. would be very stress free.
  • Medical Billing: These jobs require a person to deal with special medical billing software which generates bills and medical insurance claims. These bills are sent to health insurance companies for verification and clearance. Such jobs can cause very less physical exertion whatsoever.

Other online jobs which offer similar benefits for expecting women are content writing jobs, copyediting jobs, data entry jobs, sending e-mails etc. All these jobs require nothing more than typing.

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  • By Sailaja Desaraju on April 7, 2010, 8:24 am I am Graduate [1996], Ca [Inter][1999], PGDBA [Finance] [2003]. I have around 10 years experience in the field of accountancy. I am looking for a job opportunity [full time / part time]. I request you to kindly guide me and help me get a job.
  • By bhavanasumanth on April 25, 2010, 2:24 pm Hi, My name is Bhavana. I am 4 months pregnant. I can't go out for a job due to my pregnancy. I am looking for any home based part time job without any investments. I don't trust any websites. Please give me name of some genuine websites where I can find the right job for me without no investment & no fees and I am looking for form filling jobs in Bangalore
  • By Neha. B. Nair on June 12, 2010, 8:20 am I am a housewife and mom to a 3 yr kid. I have done my M-Comm. from Gujarat University. I have work experience of six years in the field of Administration and Back hand support. Now I want to work from home. I want a job which suits my ability. Please guide me with further details.

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