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Medical Transcription Companies
Indore is an important city in Madhya Pradesh. As an IT destination it is yet to pick up pace compared to cities like Thane or Pune. Several IT companies have come up in the city. Some of them are medical transcription companies. These companies provide home based as well as online medical transcription jobs to aspirants.

What Is Medical Transcription?
Medical transcription is a new age job. Formerly this job used to be done in smaller scale but nowadays it has grown into a big industry, with bulk of the work being outsourced to countries like India.

In this job a person has to document the observations of a doctor for future reference. The observations are recorded and sent to the professional. He listens to it and types it in a particular format. While typing it he has to take care of inconsistencies if any. He has to ensure that the document is presented in faultless English.

Who Can Be Good Medical Transcriptionist?
You can be a very good MT if you have an interest in the medical field, can be very detailed with your work and at the same time have sound English base.

MT Training and Certification

Becoming a certified medical transcriptionist depends entirely on you. Certified or not it you will have to prove yourself before employers.

You are only given a certificate as a trained MT if you pass an exam conducted at the end of the course. Most institute conduct a two part exam, one practical and another written. The exams take about 3 to 4 hours to complete. It is a very in depth exam and unless you are aware of the nitty gritty you won't be able to crack it.

The exams are conducted to test your listening and comprehending skills as well as the speed and accuracy with which you document the recordings. You need to be very strong in anatomy, physiology, medical terminology, English and grammar, etc.

Once you pass out you become a CMT or certified medical transcriptionist. It is mandatory to recertify every 3 years. Certification carries a lot of weight in the MT field and many believe it opens doors for better opportunities. However certification is not a must. If you can convince interviewers with your skills, you are as good as an certificate holder.

Home Based Work:

Nowadays this work can also be done from home. However the work is given to those persons who have had a fair bit of experience in this field.

Careers in MT in Indore: The scope of MT jobs in Indore is very bright. This is because the field is slowly spreading to smaller cities is search of greener pastures.

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  • By Dr.Deepak .R.Thorat on April 14, 2010, 6:13 am Hi, I amBAMS doctor and have my own PC and net connection. I want to work as medical transcriptionist. I am interested to work from home. I would like to get some more detail about medical transcription job..Please send me mail on my email add...

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