Pune is the eight largest cities in India. It is one of the prominent locations for major IT industries. The number of medical transcription companies located here can match the standards and size of the companies located in major metropolitan cities of India. So for the English knowing professional medical transcription offers excellent prospects in Pune.

What Does It Mean By The Word, Medical Transcription?
Medical transcription involves translating spoken words into typed documents. The spoken words are sent to the transcriptionists in audio files over the internet.

Doctors and the other qualified healthcare personnel give dictations of the case history of a patient history, consultation reports, pathological reports, therapeutic procedures, operative reports, discharge summaries, referral notes and even progress notes. The job of a medical transcriptionist is to transcribe the provided healthcare information into permanent documents. The document would serve as a record to facilitate further treatments or for insurance claims.

Skills Needed To Become A Medical Transcriptionist
Medical transcription doesn't require any formal education in medical science. However it is very important to have knowledge of medical terminology along with surgical terms, common laboratory tests and other techniques. The first and foremost requirement is good command over English. English grammar must be your forte. Good command over spelling, punctuation and, abbreviation and help you produce medical records which is trictly in keeping with the healthcare industry standards. Fast keyboarding skill and basic computer skill are also mandatory to make quick progress in this field.

Work from Home Medical Transcription Jobs in Pune
Medical transcription offers an individual the chance of work from home. For this a person has to be a proven transcriptionist. Only experienced people are given such a chance by firms. So many people would love to spend the formative years of their careers in house production firms and then switch over to home based work.

Home Based Transcription work helps a person do the work from the comfort of his or her own home. The flexibility of working at ones own chosen schedule is too hard to resist. It also paves the way to set up ones own firm in future.

While working from home one can pick up work from an agency with which ones has a good rapport, or an agency which knows about your proficiency. You can also hunt for jobs in the internet. There are several job sites which offer freelance jobs to home based medical transcriptionist.

Do these MT Jobs Really Works? The scope of this field in Pune is excellent. You get chance to work in many companies. Many other medical transcription firms are also coming up in the city.

Free Medical Transcription Jobs - How to get Work Online?

Medical transcriptionists are those who translate the recordings of doctors and other professionals into a written record. Medical transcriptionists do little bit of clerical work too when there is a need for it. Medical Transcription is the fastest growing career field in health care. There is a heavy need for medical transcriptionists in India. It is estimated that medical transcription jobs can overtake the IT industry. The advancement in healthcare industry demands a lot of medical transcription.

India cushions this industry with its well educated English speaking professionals who can do the job with medical transcription training. The cost that is incurred in India for this job is lesser than that of other countries. Healthcare has a huge demand in western countries too. USA's health care is based entirely on insurance and medical records that need insurance claims. Thus, medical transcription outsourcing to India is becoming common.

The medical transcription employment demands a challenging career. The process is described wherein the medical records are dictated by the doctors, clinical notes, reports, office reports, consultation notes, letters, treatments, laboratory reports, evaluations, scan reports etc are recorded by the medical transcriptionists and made them into an easy and a coherent report. The transcriptionist should possess proof reading, copy writing capabilities. The work should be done with care as they go into a medical record of a patient. The transcriptionist should also be well versed with computer, internet and all the high end technological tools. Home medical transcriptions jobs are also available for those who want to work only for 1-2hrs a day by sitting at home. Medical transcriptionists can also opt for an office jobs or at on-site locations. There are medical transcriptionists throughout the world and are on demand.

A medical transcriptionist's job consists of the following:

  • Receive dictated notes from medical professions over the internet
  • Listen to recordings
  • Record them on the computer using word or any other tool
  • Provide with summaries on a daily basis
  • Edit the material with good grammar
  • Check reports and correct them if need be
  • Return the document for approval

Medical transcriptionists need not have a master's degree with medicine. All they need is training in transcription and also basic education with a graduate degree at least. They should also undergo a training that explains the legal issues of transcription, healthcare documenting, good English and sound knowledge in medical terms. Students who are interested in this profession are offered Entry level medical transcription jobs.

Medical transcriptionists who have good experience can also work as a supervisor assisting the work and also employ transcriptionists and do the job home based. Internet medical transcription has made way for all those talented individuals to start a business of their own. There is an estimation that the jobs are on the rise by 2014. A medical transcription work depnends on what kind of hospitals or physicians or business support services that you work for.

India is booming with a lot of training industries for medical transcriptions. It has made a steady mark with a lot of companies outsourcing to India. As the USA's healthcare industry improve, a lot of jobs for the Indian transcriptionists open up.

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  • By Jyotsna Unnadkat on December 3, 2009, 5:19 am I am a trained Montessori teacher from Florida, USA and have previously also worked as a travel consultant in England. My husband and I had our own shipping business in the US and we moved to Pune about 4 years ago for our childrens' education. I am currently looking to work from home since I have clerical and typing/computer skills.

    I live in Wanowrie, Pune.
  • By dr archana borade on March 6, 2010, 10:09 pm Hello, I am MBBS, DGO from Pune. Right now I am having a private practice of my own as a consulting gynecologist. But will soon be taking a break from my practice as I am expecting a baby in the month of July. I am looking for work from home that is suitable for my profession and where I can use my skills. Kindly help.
  • By MAHESH.D.GADEKAR on March 7, 2010, 3:35 am Dear Sir, I am perceiving graduate degree in the field of Dentistry (BDS). Due to high education cost I need to do some part time job at my home. Please suggest me how to do medical transcription job from home.
  • By MAHESH.D.GADEKAR on March 7, 2010, 3:50 am My name is Mahesh Gadekar. I am student studying dental surgery . My english is average in all aspect along with knowledgde of medical terms. I am studying in third year of bds. I am looking for parttime job at home. I am staying in santtukaramnagar pimpri-18. Due high cost of education I am searching part time job. Thank you.

  • By Pratibha Rajesh Borhade on March 8, 2010, 1:19 am Hello, I am a housewife from Pune. I worked as a medical transcriptionist for 02 years in Mumbai. I amB Pharm from Mumbai University. Now I am at home. I want to do home based transcription job. Please Help.
  • By Harsha on April 7, 2010, 11:05 am I am a bio medical graduate, presently working as a oracle apps consultant. I am looking to work as a medical transcriptionist part time online during my free time. Presently I am in U.S and I have no prior MT experience.
  • By Tanvi Potnis on April 15, 2010, 10:35 am I am a Homoeopathic Medicine Graduate, currently working as a Medical Transcriptionist in Abu Dhabi, U.A.E. I have worked as a Radiology Medical Transcriptionist in Govt. Hospital in Auckland, New Zealand. I am looking for a home-based MT job. Thank you.`
  • By Jyoti on April 17, 2010, 5:16 am Hi I amJyoti Singh, Currently I am working as medical transcriptionist. I amB.Com graduate and I have a three years of experience in this job. I am living in Pune and looking for medical transcription work from home job. Kindly give me the brief information about this job.
  • By Baiyolla on April 24, 2010, 4:09 am Hi I amBaiyolla. Currently I am working as medical transcriptionist. I amp.u.c.and I have a eight years of experience in this job. I am living in Mysore and looking for medical transcription work from home job. Kindly give me the brief information about this job.
  • By varsha viram nisal on May 20, 2010, 5:20 am I am a house wife well educated to fulfill your norms to become a Medical Transcriptionist. I would like to know more about MT. Please help me to learn about it. I wish to work from home as I have two children to look after but I assure you best of my services pl. reply
  • By PRAVEEN KUMAR on December 14, 2010, 8:16 am I am Praveen kumar from pune. Right now I am looking for a part time in medical transcription. so if there is any part time for medical transcription please let me know. Looking forward from you.......
  • By Dr.Sachin Suryawanshi on May 7, 2011, 12:19 pm I am BHMS Doctor. I Know Medical Terminologes which is useful skills for medical Transcription.I am working at Mercedes benz company as medical assistant since one and half year.I want to do Medical Transcription job in Pune.I Stay at Bhosari PUNE.I have completed BHMS From S.B.H.M.College Aurangabad.I having 4 years experience at various Hospitals.I have experience at Homeopathy clinics. I am looking for work from home that is suitable for my profession.

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