Mysore is an important city in the state of Karnataka. Like any other city in India, medical transcription provides an interesting and challenging career in Mysore. As one of the fastest growing fields in healthcare it offers excellent opportunities to aspirants. The excellent infrastructure in the city has made many medical transcription companies set up offices here. Many other offices are planning to come up in the city.

Understand What Is Medical Transcription?

Medical records are dictated by doctors or their secretaries or nurses and recorded on a tape or onto a digital voice processing system. The recorded version is then sent through the internet to the transcriptionist. Once he gets the audio files he has to transcribe them accurately and swiftly into a word document, in a pre defined format.

These records which have to be documented after listening to the audio version include case history, office notes, operative notes, consultation views, clinic notes, discharge summaries, etc. Once the work is over the document is proofread to at least 98% accuracy before being "sent back to the concerned doctor or clinic.

Tips for You to Become Competent Transcriptionist

To be a good MT one needs good comprehension and written skills and knowledge of medical terms. The sooner and better you can comprehend American way of speech and accent, the better you can do in this field. An expert is expected to have a complete knowledge of American Association for Medical Transcription rules. A complete training course would help you learn all this and much more.

When you acquire training in this field, you get to learn about medical terminology, medical procedures etc. You are also taught how to detect medical inconsistencies in dictation and correct syntax and grammar. As the job can be quite repetitive and monotonous you need to have lot of patience. One needs to keep oneself regularly updated in this field.

Part Time and Full Time Medical Transcription Jobs From Home in Mysore
Home based work are becoming very popular in Mysore. To start a home based medical transcription work you need to have the following...

  • Windows PC with configurations
    • Pentium IV, with 256 MB SDRAM, 20 GB hard disk, 52X CDROM drive
  • Sound card with amplifier
  • Internet access.
  • Ear phones
  • 56.6 kbps external modem or Internet Connection
  • Foot pedal
  • An UPS
  • Your computer must be loaded with software's like, English dictionary, medical spellchecker, equipment, glossary, medical dictionary, drugs dictionary, abbreviation, etc.

Scope of Careers in Medical Transcription in Mysore:

Mysore provides excellent chances to grow in this field. This is because of rapid development in the field of IT. More medical transcription companies are planning to set up base in the city.

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