Cochin is the second most important city in Kerala. Over the years the city has developed into a very important commercial hub of south India. Like most cities online jobs have become very popular. You can choose to them at office or at home. Medical transcription is one such job.

Who Is A Medical Transcriptionist?
Medical transcriptionists can be called assistants to medical professionals. The professionals read out patient information to them who in turn type the dictation on typewriter to create a document about the patient's ailment and subsequent progress.

Doctors dictate patient histories, autopsy reports, operation reports, observation notes, progress reports and referral letters for MTs to transcribe. When the dictation takes place the medical transcriptionists listens to the information and document all that has been stated in a clear and grammatically correct fashion. This makes the files easier to read and understand. The completed document is sent back to the doctor who dictated it for review. After reviewing it the doctor signs it to complete the process. The final revised copy then becomes part of the patient's permanent record.

With the rapid advancement of modern technology the MT's job has become faster, easier and more accurate. Today typewriters have made way for high-tech analog recorders and phone diction systems that help doctors record their statement for future use by transcriptionist.

Importance of Medical Transcription
Medical transcription helps document medical files correctly. This makes the file more accurate and hence reliable. With access to easy to read files, hospitals and medical offices run more smoothly. Because of medical transcription the work of insurance companies becomes smooth. They can properly estimate the expenditure incurred and help settle claims without any discrepancy.

Because of medical transcription, doctors spend less time doing paper work or updating files and instead can devote more time to patients.

Work from Home Medical Transcription Jobs in Cochin (Kochi)
Once you gain sufficient experience and expertise in the field you can do work from home offices. Because of the ease and comfort many medical transcriptionist find it more preferable. In such a case doctors e-mail their recordings so that the MTs can create files quickly from home. Many transcriptionists put to use speech recognition technology, which automatically transcribes a recorded voice into written text.

Here his main work is to revise the documents for any grammatical errors, slip ups and other inconsistencies in reports or observations.
Working from home can be quite a challenge. There are many distractions to counter with. However, it is possible to work at home with children; if you can manage your schedule. For this you need to be organized and self disciplined.

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