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One of the best places to get medical transcription jobs in India is Mumbai. Both large and small transcribing companies in the country have their offices in this city. The production houses of these companies have vacancies for a number of posts in the field of medical transcription. If you look forward to growth in the field of medical transcription you need to choose Mumbai as your destination.

What Is Medical Transcription?
Medical transcription is a process of documenting a patient's medical history. In this process a person has to accurately transcribe records by following the dictation of doctors and others. The transcription done in a particular format includes clinic notes, physical reports, office notes, consultation notes, operative reports, letters, psychiatric evaluations, discharge summaries, x-ray reports, pathology reports and laboratory reports.

How Is It Done?
The medical transcriptionist is provided with a dictation usually recorded over a tape, digital system or voice file. He listens to it through an earphone. While listening, he simultaneously uses a word processing program and a foot pedal for start-stop control. A variety of word-processing systems are also used. If required he also has to use a printer and sometimes a modem.

How to Become a Medical Transcriptionist?
To become a good transcriptionist you need to have good listening and language skills, computer skills and knowledge of medical terms. As long as you have these prerequisites you do not need any formal education for a job in a small company. For larger companies you need a graduation degree.

How to Get Medical Transcription Jobs in Mumbai
Most companies in this field prefer to rcruit candidates with an experience of at least 18 months. Talented fresher are given a chance if they do well in the test. Factors taken into account at entry level tests are excellent English comprehension, command over grammar and spellings, good listening skills, and typing speed.

The candidates are first put through a screening test. This is followed by a detailed editing and language test. Successful candidates are given a week's professional training. Once the candidate hits the floor the payment starts. The training helps one to brush up their grasp over American accent as well as unfamiliar medical terms.

Work from Home Based MT Jobs in Mumbai
To meet deadlines companies often delegate work to experience home based workers. For this, one has to be exceptionally good transcriptionist and have good relationship with a company. Once you meet expectations of the company you can look forward to more freelance offers.

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  • By ARUNA on April 17, 2011, 11:31 am I am a retired doctor from govt organization.i have been an in-charge med. officer and D.D.O AT a dispensary in kandivali west.I would like to become a medical transcriptionist/proof reader.my preferred area of work would be in western suburbs-mumbai.borivali to anheri.I reside at kandivali west,charkop,mumbai-67.Qualification:- MBBS DOMS

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