What Is Medical Transcription?
Medical Transcription is a job which involves transcribing medical data. The transcribing material comprises diagnoses of patients as well procedures relating to surgery.

In gist it is the doctor's evaluation of the condition of the patient, and other minute details about the disease. The transcriptionist has to listen to the audio and document in a specific format. After typing the recorded dictations he needs to check it for grammar and medical inconsistencies.

Requirements to Become a Good Medical Transcriptionist
If you want to become a good transcriptionist you must have sound knowledge of English. Listening and understanding foreign accent is as important as writing the language in the correct style. The document should be grammatically correct. Knowledge of medical terminology is also very important. You need to spell surgical procedures and many features of human anatomy throughout the report. Typing skills are also important. With the right speed you can keep pace with a fast read out dictation. Speed also helps you to complete more work in a short time.

Job Prospects in Surat (Gujart)
The medical field is expanding by leaps and bounds. This has led to a huge demand for transcription jobs. Doctors from foreign shores are producing huge volumes of medical reports. Given the importance of the work done by a medical transcription agent is therefore very valuable to the medical transcriptionist one can expect a huge inflow of work. And a good share of it will come to surat as IT in the state is developing very fast.

Medical Transcription Jobs from Home In Surat
If you are based in Surat you can start home based medical transcription jobs. Such jobs are available online. You need to go online in search of home based work. You can consult directories that can provide you with names of firms or doctors or agencies seeking medical transcription personnel. However before you bag a job you need to present your profile. The agencies may even test your skills before handing you assignments in bulk.

Home Based Jobs MT Jobs: Surat is emerging as major centre for IT industry in Gujarat. So, one can look forward to more medical transcription jobs in Surat.

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  • By M R on October 16, 2010, 9:06 am M R I am working as well as studying. I work as an medical transcriptionist. I want to do home based job of daily 2-3 hours without investment if possible or of less price. I am doing msc microbiology. I reside in Surat. thank you.

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