Coimbatore is the textile city of South India. It is the third largest city in Tamil Nadu. Online jobs have become very popular in the city. Prominent among them are medical transcription job.

What is Medical Transcription?
As a Medical Transcriptionist you have to listen to recordings dictated by doctors, transcribe them into reports, correspondence, etc. The recording and listening is usually done using set types of equipment, like headphones, digital/analog recorders, and foot pedals (for pausing and playing recordings).

The scope of a good Medical Transcriptionist goes much beyond transcribing recordings. The transcriptionist must be able to spot mistakes or inconsistencies in terminology and rectify them in written reports. This is very vital, as affect patient care depends a lot on accuracy of reporting.

Training and Requirements for Transcriptionist
Medical Transcription is a detailed, meticulous and in-depth work. Employers prefer hiring transcriptionist who has completed an approved training certificate program. Having a certificate in this field lends you an advantage. To do well one also requires good English language skills, along with an in-depth knowledge of grammar and good punctuation.

How to Learn Medical Transcription?
Medical transcription can be learned both online and offline. However, using CD's can be the best option. This is because if you wish to work on your own schedule this can help you immensely. Again web servers can go down anytime. And if this happens when you are free it may be quite off-putting.
The institutions from where you take the course usually offer you job assistance. Many try to help you through your 1st year. There are jobs out there for Medical Transcriptionist that are new, however it does help when you have assistance from the course / school you take your training from.

Home Based Medical Transcription Jobs
For a home based work you need computer with internet connection. You can use Dial up, however, once you start working for a doctor you need to switch to fast internet such as Cable, DSL, or Satellite. This increases the speed, of file download or upload.

Work from Home Medical Transcription Jobs
When you become a good Medical Transcriptionist you always have the chance of getting tons of personal freedom. This happens when you choose to work from home. As a home based worker you can choose your own working hours.

Scams in Medical Transcription
When you do online research for medical transcription jobs, be aware of scams. Rely on companies that have been established for several years. Also make sure they are willing to give you a physical address of where they are located.

Question :- As I am an housewife I would like to work from home. I have good typing speed and have 14 years experience as a secretary and 2 years as a medical transcriptionist. If there is any job suitable please do inform me so I can start immediately.

Your City: Coimbatore
Your Country: India

By Yulinne Lambert on Thu 05-Jun-2008 11:49 AM

Answer: You may write online health articles and can get work regarding writing jobs. You can also refer following pages to get more information on other part time jobs.

There are many online websites where you have to ask questions to others and have to give answers of others questions. You can ask countless questions daily and your questions can be of any kind i.e. from simpler questions to the most complex questions. Give answers to questions about which you are sure that you are able to give their perfect answers. You can find many free websites which gives this type of work.

When you work with sites which gives you freelancing jobs, you have freedom to work at your own time, you basically need 2-3 hrs a day to finish your given task, these type of jobs are ideal for mom and housewives. There is no need of spending full day doing that job only, when you do this job, you are free to do other work also. Some of these websites do not ask for paying registration fee. Search online for such sort of websites. It will better to work daily on all sites which you select. Therefore, select only that number of sites where you can work easily daily.

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  • By srihari on November 18, 2009, 11:25 pm My name is srihari and I am employed full-time in a MT company at Thiruvananthapuram. My skills comprises of fast typing skills and ability to maintain quality of the files and send it to the next level for editing. My education qualification is Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. I am currently working in Nano Technologies, Thiruvananthapuram. I am looking for home based transcription jobs to carry out my work independently. I am staying presently at Thiruvananthapuram and my native place is Coimbatore.
  • By manikandan on November 20, 2009, 8:45 pm My name is mani, I have finished my Medical transcription course last year in coimbatore. I am very well interested in doing mt job available in Coimbatore. I am willing to do MT job at home. I want to know, what are all things I needed for this procedure, How can I get legitimate medical transcription jobs without registration.
  • By mahalaxmi on December 8, 2009, 7:48 am Dear Sir/ Madam, My name is Mahalaxmi. I have finished my medical transcription in Coimbatore. I am a housewife. I am interested in doing medical transcription work from home. I request you to mail me about the result.
  • By Ann on February 22, 2010, 12:52 am Hello, I am a Physics graduate who is currently working in a BPO firm at Coimbatore. My skills comprises of fast typing and ability to easily learn and to work under pressure. I have 3-year experience as a MT QA and as data researcher for the past two years. Currently I have started my MBA. Now I am looking for both office jobs and Home based jobs such as e-book typing, email reading, dataentry, transcription jobs etc. I need any of these job without any investment or registration.
  • By M. RAHAMATHULLA on March 2, 2010, 12:51 am My name is Rahamathulla. I am still studying. I am very well interested to work home based medical transcription job. Please provide me good knowledge. I do my best in work with full potential. I request you to reply me ASAP.
  • By Muthu Sankar .K. on March 8, 2010, 3:45 am Hello, My name is Muthu Sankar .K. I am an under graduate and have done DCA in computers. I have been working with Nittany Decision Services, Pvt. Ltd. from July 1996 through June 1999. I have also got trained in Medical Transcription and has been in in industry since 2000. I have got exposure in most of the specialty. I have worked for both UK & US clients at various companies in Chennai, Focus Infosys, Egmore, Chennai; Alden Prepress Services, T. Nagar, Chennai. I have performed well during these times, especially with more complicated accents. Kindly provide me medical transcription job from home in Coimbatore.
  • By Ann on April 15, 2010, 12:52 am I am student who need a urgent job from home. I am well educated, hardworking and experience in data entry jobs and Medical transcription. Please help me by giving some data entry or transcription jobs from Coimbatore or its premises. Please send me the websites which provide MT job or data entry jobs without any fees. Kindly contact ASAP.
  • By Rinoj on December 9, 2010, 6:16 am I am looking for home based transcription jobs to carry out my work independently. I am residing in Gudalur, Nilgiries and right now working for a company which is Bangalore. My education qualification is B.A. degree and general nursing...
  • By VIMALA NANDAGOPAL on March 23, 2011, 12:42 pm My name is Vimala nandagopal. I have finished my medical transcription in Coimbatore 2 years experience now 8 months relax in my mt . I am a housewife. I am interested in doing medical transcription work from home. I request you to mail me about the result.

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