Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan is an important city in the country. In recent years many IT companies have come up in the city. Medical transcription companies are a part of them. English literate persons who are familiar with the computers can take up this profession as an alternative career. One can do this job on a full time or part time basis in the city.

What Is Medical Transcription? Medical transcription is documenting the medical records of a person after listening to an audio commentary made by a physician. The document is preserved as the case history of the patient. When IT professionals do this job for doctors, doctors are spared a lot of time, which they can devote to the patient.

Medical Transcription Jobs from Home in Jaipur: Employers hire transcriptionists who have completed some kind of formal training in the area or who have been exposed to this field.

MT Jobs in Other Part of India: Jobs in this field in India are in great demand. All it takes for a fresher to get into this field is by training. The hierarchy in this industry varies from company to company. The humblest level in a company is on the job trainee or OJT followed by junior medical transcriptionist, senior medical transcriptionist, executive medical transcriptionist, etc.

A document completed by a junior or fresher is sent for editing to an experienced transcriptionist who holds the position of an editor. The editor checks the documents for mistakes. The completed work is then sent to the Quality Analyst or Controller (QA/C), who will fill in the blanks left void by the Editor. The buck stops at the table of the Proof Reader who goes through the document for grammatical errors or sentence restructuring.

Requirements for Work from Home Medical Transcription Jobs: The job of an MT is just not limited to listening and typing. You cannot be a good medical transcriptionist unless you have sufficient medical knowledge. To become a good MT a person has to refer to a lot of electronic dictionaries or medical books. He must use his medical sense to know what doctor means to say when his language is indecipherable. This apart he must take good care of the grammatical aspect of the documentation. So, this job involves a lot of medical language specialization.

A very interesting aspect of medical transcription is that it involves simultaneous use of eyes, ears, fingers, legs for foot pedal to control the voice player software of the computer.

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