An able seaman is a professional who is employed by either publicly owned or privately owned commercial ship. Generally, people enter into this profession at entry level position where they work as ordinary seaman. Then, they are promoted to the position of able seaman.

Main job responsibility of people working in the position of able seaman or "AB" is to report to the boatswain or deck foreman. Additionally, these professionals are also required to as a helmsman or as a dayworker.

In the capacity of a helmsman, ABs are required to steer boat and serve in the bridge. While operating as dayworker, they require to do repair, sanitation and maintenance works on the ship.

Able Seaman Jobs and Vacancies, UK

Some of the popular able seaman jobs in UK include:

  • Vessel AB seaman
  • Research vessel crew
  • Derrick barge AB oiler
  • Vehicle inspector
  • Tugboat officer
  • Derrick barge diesel mechanic
  • Derrick barge hydraulic crew
  • Derrick barge chief mate

If you are an able seaman job aspirant, you must have fascination for the sea. It is one of the basic requirements. Apart from it, you should also have completed an apprenticeship after gathering a practical experience of 12 to 18 months. If you stay in the USA, your next step should be applying to the US Coast Guard for appearing in at the able seaman certification test.

If you wish to scale high career opportunities, make sure that you take up a training course that is approved by the Coast Guard. The ordinary seaman apprenticeship program cannot boost up your career to the desired level. The Coast Guard approved training course may take a period of one year to three years. The 3-year training program can offer you unlimited license to work on vessels of all sizes.

The able seaman training UK takes similar process to complete. For prospective able seaman vacancies, take the help of various job sites. Most of these sites offer the facility of applying online.

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Able Seaman Jobs UK: Training and Vacancies for Able Seaman

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