If you have a passion for sea, yacht crew jobs are perfect matches for you.Working on yacht is an exciting experience to someone who likes travelling, and the experience may vary depends on the captain of the boat, and the fellow crew.

Types of Yacht Crew Jobs in USA

  • There are different types of jobs are available depending on the size, and type of yacht like captain, mate, seaman, deckhand, massage therapist, beauty therapist, personal yoga instructor, hair stylist, diving instructor, chief engineer, assistant engineer, oiler/wiper, and more on.
  • Working on Luxury yacht and mega yacht you can get good salary, could travel all over the world whiles breezing pure ocean, and enjoying lavish living.
  • All these jobs required a certain maritime qualification, and some experience. Most of the yacht crew is trained in first aid. But some high profile clients may ask for the service of a doctor on board.

How to get Yacht Crew Jobs?

  • Contact a crew agency, or search the job in job portal.
  • Meet dock master or marina manager of the concerned company.
  • Submit your resume, face an interview, make it success and get job.
  • For a job on a sailboat, sailing experience is required. Being a captain and engineer you must chip in and make the boat shine.
  • The deckhand's job required to keep the outside, and stewardess job required to keep the inside the boat clean respectively.
  • Being a crew, you need to learn hygiene and health requirements, the correct yacht etiquette, safety guidance, terms and conditions of the yacht.

Salary Prospects
Salary on yacht is usually high, and it depends on job type, experience, and on your performance. In addition you may get good tips, six weeks or more annual crew leave, and other allowances. As a yacht crew, you have an opportunity to meet celebrities, their friends and family members.

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