Level school leavers can avail many, type of jobs in London. Experience and knowledge notwithstanding, there is something for all leavers in the city. In fact there are several entry-level vacancies. Most of these vacancies cover the service industries, public sector, IT and many more. School leavers in London can also get voluntary work, junior roles, and apprenticeship and trainee positions.

Good jobs in London are not the preserve of the graduate. Several leading employers, including PricewaterhouseCoopers, induct dozens of leavers direct from their A-Levels. Others from Network Rail to the Army, allow joiners to study while they work. With such scope a school leaver can always fancy his chances in the job market.

Jobs for A- Level Leavers in UK
Some position available for school leavers include:

  • Junior IT Support Technician: This role would ideally suit a school leaver looking for their first role. It can help a school leaver hone his skills as an IT technician. Starting as a support technician can open up plenty of chances as you gain experience.
  • PR Agency Office Junior: This is a job which provides lots of fun and exposure. It teaches a school leaver how to face the world and be diplomatic in his moves.
  • Retail Shop Assistants: This is usually a part-time position available for school leavers. The function of the job involves assisting other workers with general duties in. Many positions even offer extra perks.
  • Delivery Boys: Many food outlets require boys to deliver food at door steps. They prefer school leavers because of their energy and sheer enthusiasm.

Trainee Jobs for School Leavers
School leavers can enhance their job opportunities if they undergo short term vocational training. In fact this is the most ideal solution for school leavers who want to get a job on a part time or full time basis. Many courses combine classroom work with on the job training. This is a wonderful way to get the right qualifications for what you aspire to become.

Online Jobs for School Leavers
School leavers ca n also get online jobs in plenty. One such job is data entry. One can do it at from the comforts of ones home and at ones spare time.

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Jobs for A- Level Leavers: Trainee Jobs for School Leavers in London

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