Pizza huts are famous eating outlets in London and all over the UK. The quality of food they serve draws thousands of customers to their outlets every day. They even get corporate orders in bulk. So to meet the demand of preparing and supplying food as well as managing the affairs of the outlets properly there are several job openings offered to eligible candidates.

Types of Part Time and Full Time Jobs in Pizza Hut, London

  • Team Member: One of the humblest jobs available in Pizza hut is that of a team member. The team member plays a key role in the running of the outlets. His primary responsibility is to take complete care of carrying out operations strictly maintaining the standards and values of Pizza Hut. Part of his duty also includes maintaining high level of cleanliness, hospitality, and efficiency in all areas of work. As a responsible member on whom floor operations depend a lot he or she has to adhere to work schedules and follow them strictly.
    In order to become a team member you need to be more than eighteen years of age. You need to have a high school degree. A diploma from a catering school can be of great advantage. What is wanted most from members is a high degree of enthusiasm and eagerness to work. Your willingness to work hard must be matched with a pleasant personality and excellent communication skills. A team member is also judged on the basis of his work ethics.
  • Shift Manager: An important post in pizza outlets is the shift manager. This is an entry level job. Most of these openings are hourly and caters to the management level. Their primary duty is to manage the daily operations of restaurants. The operations include employee development, customer service, and food production. Those who have at least one year of experience of supervisory in the food service can easily get this job. He or she also needs to have good communication and management skills. His primary function includes taking care of day-to-day operations by scheduling ordering food supplies, labor, and promoting the restaurant team. He keeps a tab on the earnings by following cash control/security procedures. He also has to maintain inventory, review financial reports manage labor in order to keep work smooth and efficient.

Other posts available include:

  • Area Managers
  • General Managers
  • Delivery Drivers
  • Waiters
  • Chefs etc.

How to apply for Jobs in Pizza Hut?
You can get jobs in pizza huts by sending your resume at their online address. You can also drop your resume at their counters.

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  • By B V on November 23, 2010, 11:53 am B V Hello, I am a graduate and living in London....I am working as a school faculty from last 3 years but now I want to shift to hospitality and management, so I was thinking about pizza hut as a good option.... If there is any scope for me then please reply....
  • By D H on January 14, 2011, 3:48 pm D H I am a student from University of Sheffield. I am good at communicating to others. I am looking for a part time job in any pizza shop or KFC or as a salesperson. This will help me in my efforts of being self dependent. Thank you.

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Pizza Hut Jobs in London: Part Time Delivery Driver Jobs in Pizza Hut

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