In a growing economy, where available work positions far exceed the supply of work force, degrees are no longer a mandatory entry level requirement.

An associate degree is enough to get you a good and respectable job in the market. In many cases, training beyond the high school is enough to get you a decent position.

According to a forecast made by the department of Dept of Labor most careers will grow by leaps and bound by 2016. And the best way to fill up these positions is by opening them to associate degree holders. There will soon be plenty of openings for associate degree jobs. Some best associate degree jobs include:

  • Broadcast Technician or Sound Engineering Technician: The scope of this position involves installing, repairing, setting up, and operating electronic equipment for transmitting radio and television and cable programs. With the sprouting of several channels, demand for qualified technicians is on the rise.
  • Desktop Publishers: Desktop publishing is another growing field where demand for qualified technicians far outstrips supply. So, associate degree in desktop publishing can get you plenty of openings. Some desktop publishers train on the job to develop the necessary skills.
  • Dental Assistants: A dental clinic needs to have qualified personnel to handle patient care, office duties, and laboratory duties. All these tasks cannot be done by the dentist. So, the task is delegated to a qualified associate degree holder. To bring up more such assistants in medical field programs are offered by junior colleges or the Armed Forces.
  • Flight Attendant: With the introduction of more number of low cost airlines there is huge requirement for flight attendants. This job requires just an associate degree because qualities like good communication skills, and smartness is more required than anything else.

Associkiate degree jobs in business also offer plenty of openings.

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Associate Degree Jobs: Best Associate Degree Jobs in Business

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