A delivery service like FedEx has become very popular in London because of their good compensation scale and sound establishment. FedEx hires many employees every year. In fact you get various types of jobs here. FedEx even offers part time jobs in plenty.

Types of Jobs at FedEx Freight in United Kingdom (UK)
The types of freight jobs available with FedEx include:

  • Truck Driving Jobs
  • Airline Jobs
  • Online Package Tracking Services
  • Transportation Jobs
  • Flatbed Trucking
  • Refrigerated Trucking
  • LTL Trucking
  • Warehouse Management
  • Trucking
  • Transportation Brokers
  • Container Sales and Leasing

Part Time Jobs at FedEx in London
Part time jobs in FedEx are available for those looking for a challenging job. At FedEx, clerks are often hired to carry out clerical work and record keeping. Many employees have to work in shifts. Such employees are usually offered part time jobs.

The FedEx ground division becomes very busy during the holiday season. This time of the year you will be spoilt for choices for a FedEx job. The main openings for part time jobs at holiday seasons are for package handlers and drivers.

Part time FedEx jobs that require less physical pressure include Customer service agents and other official or clerical positions. As a customer service agent you will need to work at one of the many warehouses. You may also be required to work regular at one of the call centers where you take inbound calls from inquiring customers.

FedEx part time jobs provide great benefits, excellent chance for advancement, and a positive working culture.

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  • By MK on June 14, 2010, 2:53 pm MK Hello sir, I am from UK. Currently I am working as a warehouse manager in London. I am having a work experience of nearly 5 years. I am looking to change job. If any openings in fedex freight, kindly inform me.
  • By G C on August 29, 2010, 2:49 pm G C I am currently working with UPS. Now I want to join Fedex. I have heard that FedEx is the best company to work with. It gives importance to its people. May I know what is the average salary and benefits for employees at Fedex?

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FedEx Jobs in London, UK: Part Time Jobs at FedEx Freight in London

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