With the advent of the internet, the definition of clerical jobs has undergone a change. It now pertains to a wide range of specific online based jobs. There are many good clerical jobs that you can do from home without the pulls and stress of a regular office life

Part Time Clerical Jobs in India
Some good work from home clerical jobs in today's world is listed below:

  • Medical Transcription: Familiarity with medical terms, good typing skills and quick comprehension ability makes this an easy going and high demand job. The role involves transcribing or typing medical data that are recorded as voice files by doctors at work. You need to listen carefully to these recordings and transfer them in written data for filing.
  • Data Entry: When you take up this job you have to type text and data. These jobs primarily involve form filling. To become an expert in this job you need to have more than average typing speed. You have to work as per your output amount of data.
  • Administrative Assistants: If you work as an administrative help from home your designation will be virtual assistants. With the help of office administration skills you have to support administrative needs of your employer. Business owners, who cannot have a regular secretary either due to paucity of funds or because of less work, usually hire them. Your job role includes organizing the schedule of the boss, answer mails, and help in business correspondence letters. The advantage of this job is that you can work for many offices at a time.
  • Real-time Captioner: TVs transmit caption to help deaf viewers to understand what they are seeing even without sign language. The job of a real-time captioner is to provide these captions. If you are good at steno language you have to write each spoken word in steno on a steno machine no sooner than it is spoken. The steno machine changes the input to words, and feed them into the live programming. In the past it was an important office based job. Nowadays real-time captioner jobs can be availed on a part time basis.

There are several other types of work from home clerical jobs. Given the advances made by the computer and internet, it is expected most clerical jobs, in not so distant future will become home based.

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User Comments

  • By S. Hema Das on March 1, 2010, 10:45 pm Hi, I am Hema Das. I have done B. Com (hons) / DECE and Pursuing MBA. I have working as a
    administrative asst. in a reputed company. I have a good knowledge of Tally (all versions), MS - Word, EXCEL and Powerpoint. I believe in the PDCA ( plan, do, check and analysis formula). I am looking for clerical work from home. Kindly help.
  • By SUCHITA DEY on October 17, 2011, 12:02 am I am working in Kartavya Heltheon Pvt Ltd in Goregaon from since 1 year,Eagerly waiting for some Govt job {permanent job} through which I can settle my family's life.I am Fast Learner and goal oriented.
    Please if there is any opportunity to work in Govt sector kindly e mail me or buzz me...
    Thank You

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