Asda is a Britain-based supermarket chain. The prestigious retailer, with around 400 stores, is ranked second largest retail chain in the UK after Tesco.

The supermarket chain retails wide range of items and products. These include apparels, tots, food and general merchandize. Apart from these products, Asda owns a mobile telephone network. It is known as Asda Mobile. The popular retail chain has its headquarters in Leeds, West Yorkshire.

Asda has been operating as a subsidiary of Wal-Mart, the American retail giant and world's largest retail chain. The company follows unique marketing and promotional strategy with the slogan, ‘Britain's Lowest Priced Supermarket'.

Part Time, Full Time Jobs in Asda Supermarket, London

Career options at Asda have much appeal for people who want to enter different types of retail, sales and managerial jobs. The retail leader has on offer wide range of job opportunities for job aspirants. More than 150,000 employees are associated with the Asda. 60,000 employees have been working in the full time capacity while 90,000 employees have been working on part time basis. The list of jobs in Asda supermarket is quite impressive. A few of the important retail job opportunities that can be bagged at various operational units of the retailer include:

  • General store managers
  • Trading managers
  • Shop floor colleagues
  • Night managers
  • Department managers
  • Night department managers
  • People services manager
  • Service managers
  • Security managers
  • Counters managers
  • Bakery Managers

How to Apply for Jobs?

Application procedure for jobs in Asda London involves several steps. First, you require to visit the official website ( of the retailer. You would find there various job openings and the job responsibilities each of them carry. After matching your own eligibility with the specific job opening, you require to fill up the online application form and send. The application procedure required for pharmacy and optical jobs is somewhat different.

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  • By F E on January 12, 2011, 2:42 pm F E Hello,
    I am working professional in the field of slimming and beauty waking in the capacity of clinic head for the past 9years with different organizations. I would like to shift from my field to the retail sector. Plz let me know how to apply for a suitable post in Asda Super market.

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Jobs in Asda, London: Part Time, Full Time Jobs in Asda Supermaket

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