A supply chain is a very important aspect of the manufacturing sector. It is called a chain because those involved in it are closely interlinked. The chain involves suppliers, manufacturers, distributing centres, retailers etc.

The most important job available in supply chain field is that of a purchase manager. The purchase professional takes care of the procurement processes of a company.

The scope of the job entails examining and evaluating raw materials, assessing costs, looks into the service reliability aspect and carrying out market survey.

Supply Chain Jobs in Bangalore

Supply chain jobs in Bangalore plenty of job opportunities. The most coveted post is that of a purchase manager. The scope of a purchase manager in a supply chain is not limited to procuring materials. It also involves taking care of the storage and monitoring the stocked goods. Nowadays a purchase manager is also responsible for managing logistics in a supply chain.

Supply Chain Jobs in Chennai

Supply chain jobs in Chennai offers equally good opportunities. Chennai has become the hub of industries in south India. Many companies have set up their units in this city. Several other industrial units are coming up. Purchasing managers are sought after in a wide range of industries in the city. These include medicine, retail, and private companies. Government jobs are also available in various public sector undertakings.

Jobs for Freshers in Mumbai

  • To get into a firm as a purchasing manager you need to have a master degree in marketing management from a recognized institute.
  • As a fresher you start as a purchasing agent. In due course you keep advancing in this field as a senior purchasing agent to a purchasing assistant manager and then finally a purchasing manager.
  • The best of supply chain jobs are available in Mumbai, the financial capital of the country and Delhi the state capital.
  • As all major retail sector goods are supplied from Mumbai, the supply chain link is the strongest in the city and offers great many openings.
  • Purchase managers in Mumbai have to undertake the task of distributing the procured goods throughout the length and breadth of the country.

Supply chain jobs in India offer a stable and rewarding career.

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Supply Chain Jobs in Bangalore and Chennai: Jobs for Freshers in India

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