Purchase executive is an important post within a business organization or a company. Professionals serving the post are responsible for purchasing or approving the procurement of goods as well as services required by the company. A purchasing executive may also be required to supervise the procurement of materials required for general supplies and production for various purposes such as offices, equipments, facilities and construction. The job responsibilities of a purchasing executive may also include supervising the buyers and purchasing agents.

Specific job responsibilities of a purchasing executive include:

  • Looking for authentic suppliers or vendors to for providing quality goods
  • Ensuring that goods are supplied at reasonable prices
  • Carrying out negotiation regarding contacts and prices
  • Analyzing technical specifications meant for components, raw materials, buildings or equipments
  • Taking decision on timing and quantity of deliveries (this practice is mainly seen in smaller companies)
  • Estimating future demands

In any business set up, purchase executives represent purchasing department. This department takes care that the prices quoted by vendors of production materials, office materials and manufacturing materials are accurate. Professionals responsible for ensuring these things are purchase executives.

Apart from their regular responsibilities, purchase executives have daily functions to perform. These include:

  • Supervising the performance of the vendor to ensure best service at minimum prices
  • Supervising employees and keeping constant watch on purchasing guidelines of the company
  • Evaluating invoices of office supplies like paper storage, stationery, subscriptions and freight
  • Submitting quarterly report of tax-relieved purchases

Purchase Executive Jobs in Mumbai

Mumbai has the largest concentration of corporations and business organizations in India. So, job opportunities in the city abound in the field of purchase executive. Some of the prestigious companies which offer purchase executive jobs in Mumbai are:

  • Kryfs Power Components Ltd
  • Rud India Chain Pvt. Ltd
  • Mirah Group
  • G. Amphray Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd
  • Parle Agro Pvt. Ltd
  • Parle Agro Pvt. Ltd

Purchase Executive Jobs in Navi Mumbai

Navi Mumbai also offers rich employment resources for the position of purchase executive. It is home to large number of business establishments where job requirement for purchase executive exists in plenty. Some of the similar or identical job positions which you business organizations and companies in Mumbai have on offer include:

  • Purchase Executive/Purchase Manager
  • Planning and Purchase executive
  • Executive Purchase
  • Manager Corporate Purchase

Apart from it, you can also find purchase executive jobs in Pune in plenty.

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Purchase Executive Jobs in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Pune

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