Receptionists are important part of today’s business organizations. These professionals who are also referred to as information clerks are necessary features of any business which includes front office activities. In any business organization, whether it is an office or a hotel, receptionists have various duties to perform. However, their main duty is to make a good impression on the clients or visitors. Thus, they have major roles in the success of the companies they are associated with.

Since receptionists are the front-lined employees with whom visitors come into interaction first, they must present themselves quite cordially and friendly. These professionals must have extraordinary skills of greeting, helping and answering visitors’ queries. They should also offer specific information concerning the company in response to the phone calls from public.

Apart from discharging these types of usual job responsibilities, there are employers which require their receptionists to handle official emails, as well. They coordinate incoming and outgoing emails. In some establishments, receptionists are also required to monitor movements of the visitors in the company or office where they are employed.

It is a general belief that the job responsibilities of information clerks and receptionists are similar. But if we take a close look, we discover that their exact job responsibilities differ. Much depend on the type of office or company these professionals are employed. Working in the setting of a hospital, a receptionist is generally required to gather information from patients and handle financial collections. While working in larger setups, such professionals are generally required to issue identity cards to the visitors and escort them to concerned destinations.

Receptionist Jobs in Mumbai

Mumbai is home to large number of offices, companies and business establishments where job position of receptionist is an important feature. This fact makes the city one of the most sought after destinations in India for obtaining full time and part time receptionist jobs in Mumbai. Some of the preferred receptionist jobs in Mumbai Andheri include:

  • Receptionist
  • Front Office Executive
  • Admin Officer cum Receptionist
  • Receptionist cum Office Assistant
  • Front Office Receptionist
  • Information Kiosk Executive

Apart from the city, suburban areas of Mumbai are also known to offer multitude of prospective opportunities for the positions of receptionist. You might come across plenty of options if you are looking for receptionist jobs in Mumbai Thane or receptionist jobs in Mumbai suburbs. All you require to do is to take the help of various job sites.

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Receptionist Jobs in Mumbai, Andheri, Thane & Suburbs: Part Time Jobs

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