With the fast expansion of business and corporate infrastructure in India, the prospects of secretarial jobs are also getting higher and higher with mighty force. There was a time when secretaries and personal secretaries were recruited by business tycoons and celebrity film stars only in India. Now, it is the privilege of every next businessman to own a secretary.

In some business settings, the post of a secretary is equal to the post of an office professional. Under either of the capacities, secretaries are professionally responsible to extend assistance and support to the directors and managers of the concerned companies. Secretaries’ jobs also include working as negotiators between companies and their clients as well as stakeholders.

Job responsibilities of secretaries vary from one job setting to another. However, their basic responsibilities remain unchanged. Let’s explore some of the specific duties and responsibilities of secretaries working in any business organization.

Job Responsibilities of Secretary

  • Job responsibilities of secretaries which remain almost unchanged in any business setting include ensuring that the organization functions in an organized and systematic way.
  • Secretaries might be required to maintain files properly. These files include the documents in physical form and electronic form.
  • Specific duties of secretaries also include conducting research and communicating with clients and staff members.
  • One of the vital job responsibilities of secretaries include keeping records of appointments and making sure that every appointment is carried out just in time.
  • Most often, these professionals are required to handle unmanageable situations, as well.

Secretarial Jobs in Mumbai

Since Mumbai has the reputation of being the commercial capital of India, there is multitude of secretary job opportunities in the city. Apart from business organizations and companies, the famed film industry is also known to offer lucrative secretary job opportunities. Some of the common of secretary jobs in Mumbai include:

  • Executive Assistant
  • Executive Secretary
  • Company Secretary
  • Secretary
  • Secretary-Cum-Marketing Coordinator
  • Personnel Secretary

Secretarial Jobs in Mumbai Suburbs

There are numerous business establishments, companies and commercial organizations across the length and breadth of Mumbai including the suburban areas and districts outside the city. These areas include suburban pockets like Andheri, Santa Cruz, Vile Parle, Juhu, Kurla, Thane and Navi Mumbai. These areas are known to be commercially very ripe. They are hubs of movie and film industry professionals. Therefore, you can explore numerous secretarial job opportunities in these areas.

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