Of late, BPO has evolved into a very lucrative business throughout the world. Starting a BPO business does not necessarily require elaborate setting and rich resources.

Basic requirement of starting a BPO business is an office space with a couple of computers, some desks, telephone connections and a photocopy machine.

Like any other business establishment, BPO business should also follow certain guiding factors before it starts running. Some useful tips that may help in starting and running a successful BPO business include:

Get a Complete Business Plan

First of all, you require to determine the area of your operation. While doing so, you may choose a specific BPO field in which you have got mastery. After determining the specific field of operation, you require to determine the number of companies you want to work with. Next, you should submit the profile of your business along with resume to the concerned companies. It would be a smart idea to start your business with little money.

Choose A Demanding Business Process

Always opt for a business process that is demanded or challenging. In order to bag a right process, you require to fill up an online form and wait for a reply. Apart from submitting online application, you can also get in touch with companies to explain the profile of your company, your background and work experience.

In case your applications do not get response from companies and you plan to send reminders, include the following points for hopeful result.

  • Weekly details of your marketing statistics
  • A few of the promotional items with the logo of your company

It is recommended that all the banks and lenders operating in your area should know you as a good PBO agent. This image would help you avail bank credit schemes for your business in future.

How to start a BPO in India?

India owns a much expanded BPO industry with hundreds of business processes running simultaneously. BPO industry in India includes businesses like data entry, telemarketing, call center, customer service, payroll processing, insurance claim settlement, medical transcription, bookkeeping services and supply chain management.

However, commonly practiced outsourced business process in India is call center. This process has mushroomed in almost all the cities and towns of the country. Be guided by the following tips before you venture into a call center business.

  • Determine the type of call center which you are going to start. It can be any of these – outbound, inbound and outsource call center
  • Make a business plan. In this regard, you can highlight your business goal, financial requirements, staffing plan and logistics
  • Take the help of popular search engines for searching your prospective clients

BPO industry in India has high business prospects. If you follow the above-mentioned tips, you can take your projected BPO business to great height.

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How to Start a BPO Business in India: Ideas, Plan and Opportunities

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