Launching a hotel is one of the most sought after entrepreneurial ventures. Setting up hotels tends to be the most lucrative business among other hospitality sector businesses.

Since it involves huge investment and wide range of resources, only a few people muster the courage to enter into hotel business. Launching a hotel business generally requires strategic location, cutting edge business plan and reliable financial resources.

Apart from these key constituents, there are large numbers of things that are to be considered before you step into hotel business. Take a glimpse of some of the other necessary constituents required for setting up hotel business.

How to Start a Hotel Business?

  • Hotel business requires different kinds of licenses and permits to be obtained. Business license for hotel is generally granted after a review done by the city planning commission.
  • The review personnel ask various queries about the project. All the queries should be answered logically and honestly. License for the business would be issued by the local licensing bureau on the basis of the report submitted by the review team.
  • Your next step should be identification of location for your proposed hotel business. The search for location should match the monetary specifications you have mentioned in your business plan.
  • Several points should be taken into consideration while determining a location for hotel business. You should make it sure that the location that you have identified is strategic from the business point of view.
  • As a matter of fact, hotels are generally availed by two types of people - tourists and business executives. Therefore, it is ideal to locate your hotel in close proximity of the tourist hub or the business hub of your locality.

How Much does it Cost to Start a Hotel?

There are various types of hotels. These include luxurious hotels, five-star hotels, three-star hotels and budget hotels. The starting expenditure of each of them varies sharply. The expenditure of a newly set up hotel depends on the location, size, category and its infrastructure. The construction charge of a luxurious five-star hotel may require to invest in millions. But it is not a necessity that anyone who plans to start a hotel has to cough up such a huge amount.

Hotel Business Plan

  • Get a business plan developed by an expert.
  • Include every detail regarding your proposed business in it.
  • The business plan should reflect your entire project including the extent of your investment.
  • You should also mention in it about the financial institution or the investor that you plan to approach for getting the business loan.
  • Remember that without an effective and feasible business plan, you would not be able to rope in any investor or lender for your business.
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How to Start a Hotel in India: Plan & Ideas to Start a Hotel Business

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