House cleaning business promises high success and great profit margin. There has been constant surge in the demand for house cleaning business in the USA. An independent estimate says that demand for domestic cleaning in the country has gone up to over 500% during the past 5 years. These reasons have contributed much to the phenomenal growth of domestic cleaning business.

There are various steps to be followed when it comes to start a house cleaning business. Some of the feasible house cleaning business tips and ideas include:

First of all, you have to determine what type of cleaning service you are doing to offer. You have various options in your hand. You might direct your services towards cleaning and sanitizing entire house except doing laundry, junky closets and garages.

  • Contact the office of your city clerk or get in touch with your local library for obtaining a copy of zoning laws that govern your community. It is recommended as there are several zoning regulations that do not allow home business in a community.
  • Resource your required cleaning supplies and get them in a portable kit. There are homes which have their own brooms and vacuums but it does not happen an all cases. So, it is recommended that you carry the complete set of your own equipments. Your cleaning kit should contain supplies like all-purpose cleaners, sanitizing wipes, gloves, carpet deodorizer, baking soda, bleaching powder, wood polish, floor polish, mop bucket, dusting spray, disposable toilet brushes, abrasive bathroom cleaner and dish brushes.
  • Determine your means of transportation. You may require to invest in your own transporting facility. It would allow you to do your job in an organized way.
  • Undertake comprehensive advertising and marketing strategies. Apart from traditional advertising drives, you might also think of advertising your business through online methods. The best way to do online advertisement is to post your ad on

House Cleaning Business Plan

Getting a business plan is one of the mandatory requirements of your proposed house cleaning business. Try to get your business plan written by an industry professional. Make sure that the business plan contains necessary specifications like your business aim, feasibility of the business in your locality, competition level, financial requirements and your marketing strategies.

How to Get House Cleaning Business License?

Getting your business licensed is one of the top legal requirements of your projected house cleaning business. The first step towards applying for the license of your business is to select a catchy name. In order to know what type of business license you would require in your state, make sure to visit the official website of SBA (Small Business Association). Thereafter, you need to get in touch with your local or township office.

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How To Start House Cleaning Business: Tips, Ideas, Plan and License

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