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Advertising has now become a lucrative profession. This profession has wide appeal for large number of career-oriented people. If you dream of building your career and taking it to admiring height, you must look out for the best jobs in advertising.

With the increasing demand for the publicity of a company, the scope of the advertising jobs has also increased widely. A focused search can lead you towards some of the best advertising jobs around.

Nowadays, more and more job aspirants are attracted towards online advertising jobs. No matter you are new to advertising field; you can search the internet to find the best career option that matches your profile.

Necessary Requirements
If you are focused on starting a career in advertising, you should understand the necessary qualification required for applying to jobs in advertising. However, before you start your search for jobs in advertising agencies, make sure that you have professional degree, as well. It would help you get respectable and profitable position. People who have educational qualification in Commercial Art may come across numerous job opportunities in the field of advertising.

Some of the sought after advertising job positions on offer include:

  • Account planner
  • Copywriter
  • Creative art director
  • Multimedia expert
  • Web developer
  • Marketing professional

How to Proceed?
When you are looking for advertising jobs, make sure to be helped by online job portals. These job portals are known to carry out numerous advertising job options. There are various types of advertising agencies. Some look out for experienced and skilled professionals while others make consideration for freshers, as well. So, you have to shortlist the employers according to requirements. The best way to apply for an advertising job is to choose online option. However, before you settle for any particular company, make sure that it has excellent reputation.

Advertising Majors Jobs | Salary, Employment and Careers Opening

The main aim of most business firms is to promote and sell their goods or services at a profit. Advertising is the only way for any organization to communicate with the public. With the development and globalization of business and industry, the need for advertising majors is growing. If you have a major's degree advertising, there are many career paths you can choose from depending on your certain area of advertising and the aims you have set for yourself in terms of wages, working conditions and the possibilities for growth and expansion in the field.

How to Become Major in Advertising?
After completing the first-year program with a grade marks average of 2.75 or more than 2.75, students can apply to become advertising major in the college of Advertising and Public Relations.

A major's degree in advertising normally includes educational training in the innovative or visual aspects of selling goods and services.

If you are imaginative and a good communicator, the field of advertising can be a good choice for you. There are also many online advertising degrees and courses are available for those who are doing a job and can't go to college for the special training.

Career Opportunities for Advertising Majors

  • Join an Advertising Firm: After your graduation you can seek out for employment in advertising firm. Prepare a portfolio of your work with any samples of creative work that you think will impress your boss. You can join advertising firm as a trainee. This will enable you to get familiar with different sub-departments of advertising firm. After certain period, you would be evaluated to perform another task depending on your experience and performance.
  • Your Own Advertising Agency: After majoring, you can also think of having your own advertising agency. You have to make a proper business plan for your agency signifying short and long term expectations. It will need some time to build up a patrons and a good reputation in a society to become successful. If you want to become your own boss, this is good option for you.
  • Join Television, Radio or Government Networks: With major's degree in advertising you can join television and radio stations to make advertisements for their network or station. Government bodies also hire advertising majors to create public awareness of certain programs.

Advertising Majors Salary: Average Salary of advertising majors in United States falls anywhere between 45 - 60k PA, there are various factors which decide salary, these figures are just to give you an idea.

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  • By D S on January 1, 2011, 4:09 pm D S Hello, I am working part time for Just Dial.I am graduate(B.COM)from Delhi University.I have 5.5 yrs experience as a supervisor for mortgage selling in a domestic BPO.I am residing in Delhi and looking for a job in adverting agency.
  • By dhiraj agarwal on January 9, 2011, 9:33 am Hai, I am Dhiraj belong to Mirzapur(u.p). I did m.b.a in marketing in 2001 and did a work in various company in office administrative line as well marketing line. I like to make my career in advertising and marketing.
  • By B.R.Sreenivasachar on January 25, 2011, 8:48 am I am retired person...I have 33 yrs experience in stores n purchase field. I have completed B.COM,but i have ability to translate ads from Hindi to kannada or english to kannada.... so am looking for a translator job in ad agency.

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