Home businesses are much sought after because of the comfort and convenience it offers. The plus side of it all is that home businesses can actually generate a rewarding profit. Starting a travel agency from home is a great way to share the joy of traveling to others. With the right technology and with enough research, any home-based travel agency can compete with others in the trade.

How to Start a Travel Agency from Home

  • The best way to fully prepare for a home travel agency is through proper and comprehensive planning. Draft out a business plan for the proposed agency. Write down the function of the agency, its goals and objectives, the target market, type of service, marketing and advertising, as well as financial resources.
  • Register the business as stated in the state laws.
  • Open two separate bank accounts, one for personal business finances, and the other for receiving money from clients.
  • Decide whether the travel agency will be a referral agency or a booking and selling agency.
  • Determine the type of travel agency to open whether cruise, safari, regular travel, or others.
  • Depending on the type of home travel agency, make business deals with one or multiple travel companies.
  • Become a member of travel agency societies such as American Society of Travel Agents, National Association of Commissioned Travel Agents, or International Air Transport Association to boost credentials and increase client confidence.
  • For start-up home travel agencies, make contract with a host travel company to serve as the middle supplier between the home travel agency and the airlines, cruise, or tour operators.

Steps and Equipment Needed to Start a Travel Agency

  • The first step required to start a travel agency from home is to have the right attitude. Over time a home-based travel agency may be flexible and rewarding but starting is another matter. Things can get busy and complicated. Having the persistence and the will to continue with the venture is important.
  • Next, is to secure a computer in good working condition.
  • The computer should be hooked to an Internet connection
  • A phone line, residential or business line, will also be necessary for transactions made through call.
  • A travel agency from home can be fully online-based only, or both online and phone-based.
  • Seek training especially for desktop skills that haven't been learned such as bookkeeping, making appointments, making contacts and contracts, and the like.
  • Seek clients. This can be done through website advertising or through local advertising such as putting an article in the paper, distributing flyers, and other money-saving activities.
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How to Start a Travel Agency: Steps to Start a Travel Agency from Home

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