Coimbatore is the textile capital of Tamil Nadu. It has many small and large industries located here. This important city has the required infrastructure to start a home based business. You can get many clients for your business as well as easy bank loans.

How to go about?
In order to start your home based business you must first identify your strength. You need to know what type of business you can handle well. If you are convincing talker you can do business on fields which involves talking to customers. This includes business which involves selling or marketing products. If you have language skills you can start your own home based online business like typing and transcription. Always choose a business which requires less investment.

It is also very important to advertise your business. You must make people aware about your enterprise. This is the first step towards building a relationship with your customers.

What legitimate business can you opt for in Coimbatore?
There are several businesses which you can start from home. These include:

Catering Home Business: If you are a good cook or have members in your house who can cook well, you can have a catering business of your own. You can start with snacks items and supply it to food outlets. Once you make a name for yourself you can expand your business. You can even employ a few cooks and start a catering business of your own. Go for big contracts like birthday party or marriage party and try to carve out a niche for yourself. With adequate staffing you need not have step out of your home much.

Those who are good in crafts can go for a home based crafts business. In fact in the villages home based craftsman's business has turned into an industry. You too can combine your creative skill to assemble and then supply gift baskets from home to large retail shops. These baskets can range from decorative to simple fruit baskets and from complicated executive gadget baskets to corporate gift baskets.
Making and selling candles is also a good business which you can do from home. What is most important is to market them in a proper manner. This is vital to sustain yourself in the business.

Medical claims billing offers you a good chance of a steady work-from-home job. If you or your parents have a financial background you can start this job from home. With the advent of internet finding these jobs have become very easy.

Internet has opened up a whole lot of opportunities which can put to use from home. Freelance typing jobs are a great way to keep you employed at home.

How successful it is in in Coimbatore?
The scope of having successful home based business in Coimbatore is immense. Once you set up a business and get a few customers you can multiply your client base soon enough, provided your company makes a name for itself.

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  • By venkatesh on November 23, 2009, 6:26 am What legitimate business can you opt for in Coimbatore? I want to start my own business in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu India. I need some ideas to star home based business in Coimbatore, so can you inform any other details on this? You can contact me by email id, I want immediately this details of whatever business you have in mind.
  • By KARTHIKEYAN on December 5, 2009, 4:56 pm I like to star a business from home, but it should be a good business not cheating as I done already a lot before of data entry, online ad posting where it seems to be cheat us,
    so please provide me a good business advice even though the it is small.
    Thank you

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