Chennai is the busiest city in South India. Thousands of companies have their base here. With such a large literate work force and unlimited opportunities you can contemplate having a home based business here. No matter what business you have, you can expect lot of success provided you are sincere and tenacious.

Some choices that you have before you Start Home Based Business
Medical transcription: If you have good command over English language and excellent keyboarding skills this can be one of the most opportune businesses for you. There would be no dearth of work in this profession as doctors prefer to outsource transcription work to cost effective places like India. You can easily get started as this business requires a very low cost like equipment, and place.

Accounting: This kind of business is apt for those who are skilled in finance. To get going you can buy a tax and accounting franchise for your area or have your own home based company.

Child care: This is a special kind of business which only the patient and fun loving can handle. It can best be met by retired people who have all the required skills or ladies with profound fondness for children. It allows you to be engaged in your home. You don't get bored.

Publishing e-books can be a good home based business option. There are plenty of topics on which you can write and sell e-books. If you have the knack to write quality stuff, e-book is a great way to share your secret with others.

This home based business involves marketing products on the internet. You need to find companies which can have faith in you. As you do not directly interact with customers or make space for products in your home this is a great business to be conducted from the confines of your home.

How to go about Home Based Business Opportunity
Stick to a schedule: This is important more so when you are working from home. You may tend to be a bit lazy and procrastinate as because it is your home.

Ear mark a dedicated space in your house as your office. Running a business from your kitchen table is quite impossible. Though home based, to succeed you need a fully equipped home office. If you do not have an extra room in your home, set up a partition to function as an office area.

Be professional: Always try to maintain normal office hours. Be professional in your outlook when you are answering your phone or talking to customers.


Scams Chances in Internet Home Based Business:
There is no shortage of home-base business opportunities. However every now and then you may stumble upon scams about which you are not aware of. Don't get carried away if an opportunity sounds too good to be true. Weigh your options. Go for some extensive research before you commit yourself to a company.


Scope of Home Based Small Business in Chennai:
Because of fast developing infrastructure, Chennai is soon inching towards the busiest business hub in the country. So prospects for home based business are immense.

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  • By s. caroline on November 21, 2009, 6:22 am I am working in a private concern as secretary to the Management. I have typing skills and interested in typing based jobs. I am a graduate and doing my post graduate. I live in chennai and working for a FMCG company.
  • By jeyakani on May 15, 2010, 4:14 am I have a computer and internet skill. I know excel, ms office. I have 16 years experience in the field of plastics die making. I met an accident so I can't drive now? But I can estimate costing for new product, I can do design for new product, analyzing the product through anises software quotation preparation mold design etc... Can I do any home based business? If it is please inform me....
  • By Kameesh on May 12, 2011, 12:13 am Hi,I'm a graduate in engineering and I'm have 22 year experience in the feild of civil & Architectural. I would love to all Architectural, Civil, Vasthu & Project management Jobs, If any such opportunity in writing is available, do connect with me...

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