Chandigarh is the capital of the Punjab. It is a highly developed cosmopolitan city in India. Most of the populace are business minded. The ones into business have small and medium sized business houses in the city. However, one very good option in the city is home based business. One can launch ones own business at home without much investment and soon become very busy with customers.

Why People In Chandigarh Prefer Home Based Business:
Increased opportunity: When you have your own home-based enterprise you can have plenty of ways to multiply opportunities. This is much better compared to high position jobs, because there is only handful of such jobs. Moreover promotional opportunities are also shrinking and are riddled with politics. When you retire you have no other option but to rest on your laurels because the best part of your life, when you could run about with agility, has passed serving others. If you start your own business soon, you can grow it manifolds by giving the labour which other wise you would provide to a company. Secondly the chances of leading a lonely retired life stands ruled out.

Personal Freedom: When you have your own business you have to undertake less stress. Even if you take more stress it is worthwhile because you work for your own growth. You also have personal freedom to juggle the demands of work and family. You can also set your own schedule.

Some Home Based Business In Chandigarh:
Medical and legal transcription: This is a great way to become self employed. All you need to have transcription skills and the necessary equipment. Several online companies are falling over each other to provide you with easily work. Expanding your business after you taste initial success is easy.

Medical Claims Billing: This online business is one of the popular work-from-home businesses companies have been popping up on the Internet and in classified advertisements wanting to provide jobs in bilk. With little knowledge of typing and English you can start this zero investment business of your own.

Accounting: There are many franchises and opportunities available for certified public accountants. If you have a commerce background you can start this business from home.

Web Design: As an expert in designing quality web sites, you have options to grow from home. You can put your skills to start a home based business. If companies are satisfied with your work, they may help you buy equipments necessary for the job.

What Do You Need To Do?
Once you set up your own business at home you need to advertise about it. It is only with the help of proper advertising that you can make people aware of your efforts.

Scams: Online businesses often turn out to be scams. So a thorough research has to be done. Home based business in the city is trustworthy, if the business man does business from his own residence.

Scope: As Chandigarh is a fast developing city expanding your home based business can be very easy.

Some Information on Scams in Online Business

The Internet has given rise to many numbers of ways of working from home. And the bad part is that, it has also opened big doors for scammers to reach people worldwide. Indeed, a high percentage of the advertisements you have come across concerning home-based business opportunities on the Internet are actually scams. So how will you know whether what you are getting involved in is legitimate? There are a number of indicators that should trigger your warning signals.

Any pyramid scheme is illegal, whether you can use something from it or not. A pyramid company is that which has uplinks and downlinks. In other words, those who are ahead of you in the referral program are your upline while those you refer, or are referred by them, are your downline. The concept is that you get a percentage of what your downline generates with the hope that the bigger your downline gets, the higher your income will be. Even for the most successful pyramid schemes, those who benefit are the ones at the very top of the ladder. Saturation point soon reaches and the company quickly stagnates.

If someone tells you to pay for some piece of information or registration that will open a gold mine then watch out. These anonymous people usually have endless offers. For example, they will say that for a very limited time, the cost of that wonderful e-book or registration has been lowered to a very small percentage of the actual price. When you visit the web site, or receive yet another email, six months later, the 'offer' will still be valid. And even when you pay for and download that e-book, you will probably find out that the information contained barely adds any value to what you already know. Perhaps you could have made a better job writing it.

Then there are some statements that should make you take great care. Ask any successful businessperson the secret of success and you will find that hard work takes a prominent place. Therefore anyone telling you that you will have to work only 2-3 hrs a day in your pajamas or while asleep with no work, is a blatant liar. When you come to think of it, that person works pretty hard to try and convince you to join and be scammed. In order for them to have such a wide online presence, they must work really hard and invest in the process. We can come to know that they do not put into practice what they preaching to others.

Another signal is when you are offered a very lucrative job but no experience is required. Are you going to become their robot? Yet even a robot is programmed with very specific 'skills'. The get-successful-quick schemers often use cachy phrases and word like: have successful business in 1 day, work in your part time easily etc.

Some people will not tell you to buy anything, but you need to call a 900 number for more information. Calling a 900 number is more expensive, which means you are paying indirectly.

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  • By Pooja on May 20, 2010, 4:21 am My name is Pooja Raval. I would like to have an information regarding websites which are providing work at home without any investment , registration fees, or purchasing anything for starting. I am staying in India. I am science graduate.
  • By pankaj on June 4, 2010, 6:51 am My name is Pankaj Verma. I amfrom Ropar{Punjab}. I am doing b-tech in Rayat collage,Railmajra. I want 2 work like sending e-mails to different addresses or typing work which can be done by sitting at home.
  • By Vikram Vohra on June 14, 2010, 1:39 pm Dear Sir,
    I am a teacher by profession,but I am also interested in writing.I have done post graduation in English and have also completed my B.Ed.I wish to try a job in writing.Please inform me if any online writing jobs are available.
  • By Kamaljot Singh on September 23, 2010, 4:23 am My name is kamaljot. I would like to have an information regarding websites which are providing work at home without any investment , registration fees, or purchasing anything for starting. I am staying Sirhind. I am working in private factory but they cant give me more salary so I am interested to that.
  • By shiva gupta on April 27, 2011, 5:46 am My name is shiva gupta. I would like to have an information regarding websites which are providing work at home without any investment , registration fees, or purchasing anything for starting. I am staying in India. I am science graduate.

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