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Guwahati is an important city in eastern India. It has a huge population and sufficiently good infrastructure. The population and infrastructure is good enough to support home based business in Guwahati. One can start a business easily in this part of the country.

How Start a Home Business in Guwahati (Assam)
If your business is product based marketing it properly is very important. Marketing in other words means advertising. You must advertise on a small scale in the beginning and later when your business picks up you can go for large scale advertising. If you are home based business is service based advertising is not that important.

For instance if you start a consultancy business you just need to advertise in the beginning. There is no need to follow it up with a greater scale of advertising. If your get involved in home based business which deals with the internet, you do not require any advertisement at all.

Types of Home Based Business You Can Do
Two types of home based businesses are very popular. These primarily include service oriented and product based businesses. When it comes to operating the business and dealing with customers both types of businesses are quite different from one another. What determines your success is organizing your business and understanding the differences.

Service home business as the name suggests involves providing a service to a customer. You can begin these types of businesses with a small investment. You do not require a great deal of room to get going. Consulting, suggesting a problem solution and handling product ordering are all part of service oriented business. Some important service oriented business is:

  • Physician
  • Consultation
  • Legal solutions
  • Tax consultants
  • STD booth
  • Tuition
  • Home based online jobs

In a product based home business one needs to sell a product to the customer. What matters to the customer is the product. This is because the customer has a need or desire for a specific type product. Some product oriented businesses are:

  • Confectionary items
  • Crafts Items
  • Machinery parts

What It Needs To Succeed in Business?
What is most important to succeed in home based business is commitment to the customer. Every such business lives or dies on such commitment. The customer looks to you for help and must trust your solution; therefore trust is the first important step. The second most important attribute in the service business is expertise. You would not go to a dentist to fix a broken foot.

Scope of Home Business in Guwahati, Assam
Scope in Guwahati is as bright as any other important city in India. The satisfaction in creating your own business and having it run successfully is always matchless. However be cautious. Do not go into it blindly. Much before setting up learn as much as possible about the business and always be prepared for initial set backs.

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  • By RK on October 4, 2010, 4:22 pm RK Hello,I am Rekha and I am student of BA pt-1 (Arts)Guwahati. I have good typing skill and basic knowledge about computer. I am looking for home offline data entry jobs without registration fee in Guwahati. I need some offline data entry work. Please tell me how can I do part time work ????

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Home Based Business in Guwahati: How to Start a Home Business in Assam

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