People in general think that business requires huge capital for starting. But every business do not require big investment. There are many feasible business ideas that require low capital and investment. Let's find out what ate some low start up cost businesses that help you to go high on the entrepreneurial horizon in India.

Business Ideas with Small Capital and Low Investment

People in general have the perception that business requires huge investment. This perception is true to some extent. But huge capital is not an essential requirement for starting business venture. There are several ways that would not require you to resource big investment when you start a business.

As an aspiring individual who wants to explore options that may require huge investment, you must know that you can start your entrepreneurial journey with low investment, as well.

There are several business ideas with low capital. However, you must go for the one that matches your skills and financial limits.

Let's find out what are some of the feasible business ideas with less capital.

  • Venture into a daycare center. Starting a daycare center can be a smart business choice as it is known to require low investment. This business option can allow you to start it right from your own home. Other scoring aspect of a daycare business is that it would require you to cough up next to nothing expenditure on infrastructure. What you require is to purchase some books, games and toys for kids. However, you would need to recruit some trained employees to look after the children.
  • Start a home canteen. If you have fascination for cooking, make sure that you put all your efforts in resourcing home canteen business. This business would require you to prepare dishes and supply them to your customers in offices and homes. This business also involves very low starting capital.
  • Get into affiliate marketing business. It is one of the most sought after business ideas with low investment in India. Affiliate marketing business would require you to sell services and products of a company to consumers on behalf of the company. Monetary benefits in this business are generated as commission on each sale. While doing this business, you require to have a computer with internet connection.

These business ideas with low start up costs may allow you to go high on the entrepreneurial horizon.

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Business Ideas with Small Capital and Low Investment in India

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