Do you prefer to start a small home business then there are plenty of options. But before considering the options you should consider few points before venturing into a small business opportunity. Small business statistics show that an entrepreneur needs to consider few points, when starting new small business in India.

  • Do you like selling products and services? This is important because most of the small time companies do it and you need to find out how good you are and if you have a knack to do it.
  • Registration? Make sure you register your company and only then you can promote your company through your marketing tools like business cards and posters and other company products. Once your company is certified you will not be a scam to the users.
  • Capital cost - How much are you ready to raise your capital? But doing an investment carefully and after proper planning will be a good idea. Do consider what kind of business you are involved. If you are doing an online business and planning to start a freelancing club your investment would be quite less. You might have to join a freelance group, hire a few writers and an office space.
  • Products - Are you going to act like a middle man in an online shopping network like ebay? Read the terms and conditions of starting a company which is very important.
  • Training and support - you need to provide training and support to your workers if you hire them. If you are providing training to the workers then prepare training manuals for the workers.
  • Ad hock costs- Prepare yourself for emergency and costs that you would incur in running the business. The costs can keep changing.
  • Marketing and Promotional tools - Marketing materials like website, brochures, pamphlets, visiting cards, advertisement, catalogs etc need to be prepared.

Small business in India is a huge hype these days. If you are person who want to have the best time at home and yet work for a living then here are a few small business opportunity:

  • Baby care: If you like babies then you can start off a day care or a nursery home. You can spend time at home and also have time to have a small school set up for babies or toddlers.
  • Avon representative: You can become a representative of Avon products. You can become a sales person if you like selling goods. As a member of the community you get deals that you can use it to promote the product and thereby get commissions on a buy.
  • Wedding planner: Start off a wedding planning business with details on marriage halls and fixing everything for the wedding.
  • Moving and Packing: You can start off a small business with by helping people with moving and packing their house at the time of vacating.

These are few options that one can consider for small business. Also there are lots of options available for free small business.

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User Comments

  • By Banty Singh on March 10, 2010, 2:07 am Hello sir, Basically I ambelong to Ludhiana. I liked your article about starting small business in India. I am also planning to start my own small business. I am quite interesed to become a wedding planner. Can you please provide me details about starting this business. kindly help.
  • By sadanand borkar on May 25, 2010, 1:13 pm How to start small business without investing?I am a commerce graduate. I know accounting & filling income tax return. Before that handling accounts of one tours & travels company. Can you help me out? I also do share trading i.e long term share trading.
  • By Hansraj Khatri on July 1, 2010, 2:24 am Dear Sir, I want to start the wedding planer business in Bhilwara (Rajasthan). So please help me and tell me about this that how can i start this and what kind of equipments and investment need for it ?

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