Want a suggestion or information on home business opportunities available in India? Following list will present you some good place to start your home business.

  • So here are 11 ideas and tips to start your own home business in India.
    1. You can go for telecommunication job. You may not be comfortable with home business, try as an alternative taking your work home to you. You can make an effort requesting your manager but if it doesn't work, try to find online for telecommunication jobs.

    2. EBay.com is a excellent web site where you can try selling! Try to sell your products you've gathered over the days and put up them at auction sale and sell your items more and more. It is the fastest and easiest way to sell products online on internet.

    3. You can make your website through chat rooms. Chat rooms and messengers are very well-known. Place them to make a determined assembling. If chat room is related to music, affiliate programs are put up from our site.

    4. Take some flour and eggs and you can make biscuits for dog. This idea is good for both businesses online as well as offline. You can start wholesale business by selling them to pet stores.

    5. You can start doing online directory listing. Many people would like to put up their link with your website and back link will also be included. By this way your website will be saved by people if you place it out. It is better to put up marketing and advertising too.

    6. There is one another way to do home business, is with google Adsense. Write down an article, place it on a website and put your advertisement in the page. Many people will arrive, read and study your article and they will click on the related advertisements.

    7. Purchase products in wholesale and sale them online on retail basis. Sometimes there is no need to carry your products from one place to another. Drop shippers will do this hard job to carry your products. Your job is just to make the website and advertise.

    8. If you are a good consultant or adviser, then offer your services and ideas as a adviser or a coach.

    9. Children are also a good means and wide subject for making website. Create a children's website and get rid of advertising space. Make it clear in your mind that there are lot of companies which sell playthings or chocolates, and who want to do online ads.

    10. When you are in doubt, try to look at what you like and do what you like to do! If you like games, make a web site related to games. If you like soft toys, sell soft toys. But stick with whatever you like and know.

    11. Besides, try to ask around for some more ideas. Go into the business you like and find out how you can make it successful. Occasionally the most excellent ideas are ones that are accustomed from older ideas. Some people find their start by this way also, so why not you?
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  • By Chinnu on July 8, 2010, 4:05 pm Chinnu I like to do free lancing from my home what do i need to do. Do i need any TIN number, etc. Presently I am working in other company, now I decided to work only. I have PAN no. Can you please tell me exact steps if I want to start a own venture as sole owner, what I have to do? I am requesting you send me the step by stem details to my e-mail id, Thanks.
  • By manvendra narain srivastava on July 29, 2010, 4:07 pm manvendra narain srivastava I am a student. I am a honest person for my commitment. As this time I have a little growing business of my father, I am sharing his responsibilities. At this time I am appearing law final year. I want to go in pharmacy line.

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