Question : I have notepad, Spiral book manufacturing unit and I want to do online business. please give me detail in this regard.

Your City: Hyderabad
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By satyanarayana on Sun 26-Apr-2009 10:41 PM

Answer: Great to know that you are interested in doing online business of Notepad and Spiral Book. Well there are many ways you can start selling your products to people, I just wanted to know, what kind of client you are targeting? I mean, Business to Business or Business (B2B) to Customer (B2C).

If you are targeting business to sell your products, then I would suggest you get the website developed for your business, after developing website you will need to promote and get targeted visitors.

Well to get your website developed you can refer to the step by step guide on making website. After you develop a website, you can read the website promotion guide to get visitors on your website.

If you are targeting direct consumers i.e. B2C, then you don't need website, you can sell your products and services on eBay and other big shopping portals like Rediff shopping, India times shopping. You just have to get yourself registered with them to sell your products. Your products will get exposure to millions of visitors. You can also read the Buy and Sell on eBay.

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