If you become a web designer you must always dream of making it big by starting your own business. The problem with most designers is that though they have the skills and the talent, they do not know how to start a business. Anyone interested in a business must think in terms of a business plan. A well laid out plan can be your stepping stone to success.

How to Start Your Own Web Design Business or Company
While your plan can be as detailed or specific as you like, there are two primary things you should include:

Your business must have a good description. Describe clearly your objectives, who your customers are, and how your business will compete. Be specific about clients and competition. State your competitive advantage. Take the help of an accountant to settle financial matters like taxes, billable expenses etc.

Create a web site, and evaluate it thoroughly. Get others to evaluate it. Find out whether the site shows what you offer? Is the site clear and easy to navigate? Are relevant information, like contact numbers and email addresses, services offered, samples and your achievements properly highlighted? Also make sure it has a good subdued, portfolio.

A great way of going about is to look at what other designers are doing. See how their way is different from yours. While following them keep tab of what they are doing with their sites, their marketing strategies, skills that they highlight and how large is their site?

A clear picture of what your competitor is doing can help you have a better understanding of all that you can do with your own site. Before you start take your time, and think about this project. Do it as if it is a question of survival or death. If your site can draw people to exactly as they desire you have great prospects as a web designer businessman.

The best place to find clients in the initial phase is to visit getafreelancer.com. It is a bidding site for web design projects. Create a profile. Do some work for less cost and elicit some good feedbacks. As you get good feedbacks your ratings on that site increases and more and more customers sit up to think about you in serious terms. If it takes too long to get feedbacks, which it will, go to Craigslists and get customers straight away.

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Question: Dear sir, I want to design my website. So, please guide me how todo it. please repply.

By ram kishore on Thu 29-Jun-2006 07:32 AM

Answer: The internet has been a very tempting medium for starting businesses and exchanging information. Starting your own website is a very good step towards getting engaged in the online business world. Did you know that through your website you can generate ample profit?

Initiating your website needs expertise or basic knowledge in diverse areas. First of all you will have to find and decide upon which service you will use to get your domain. You can find a lot of web hosting or domain providing services on the internet. Just type the keyword web hosting' or get domain' in a search engine and you will have several options that you can choose from.

Starting a website needs you to be prepared with everything. Starting from the design you would want for your website to the content (articles, blogs etc.) that would be included in your website. You will have to be familiar with HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) which is used to design websites. If you are not familiar with HTML you can get started through online tutorials about HTML or you can choose to use website building software which needs no knowledge of any language.

Getting ads and getting a lot of visitors to your website is important. Ads would generate profit and so would a bigger number of visitors. Once you will get on track and get over the start-up predicaments, you will accomplish your aspirations.

It's pleasurable helping you.

Web Hosting Business

To succeed in the competitive field of web business, it is essential to have all necessary tools. Before you start your web business you need to remember some important facts. These facts can help you stand out in the mad rush.

How to Start a Web Hosting Business or Company?

There are some important things you need to follow before you start your own web hosting business.

  • Quality Services: There are several companies that offer unlimited space and unlimited bandwidth to attract customers. As this does not really exist do not commit yourself to it. Your reputation will take a severe beating to start with. You primary concern must be to offer quality services.
  • Good Staff: Hire good staff and support systems to provide satisfactory services. This is because all companies seek fast & best support.
  • Dedicated IP Address: This is also being offered without any extra cost. It will cost you $2 or $3 per month. Hosting companies offer it for free with reseller packages. An IP address dedicated to one website can help your company immensely.
  • Domain Reseller Account: This enables you register domains online under your own brand. It will take care of all your customer domains under your own brand. Usually the cheapest domain reseller account costs you nearly three hundred dollars. It is a very reliable and good tool to use.
  • Private SSL Certificate: This Certificate will enable you get your data and file transferred across the internet. Though it comes with a cost, it is also offered free by many hosting companies. All these tools can help you compete with an advantage.

How to start Reseller Hosting?

Instead of expensive VPS or dedicated servers it is always good to choose reseller hosting. After bagging good orders or after establishing yourself in the field you may upgrade to VPS or dedicated server. You require no server knowledge for reseller hosting. The reseller package should have following features.

  • Choose reseller hosting from a company that offers private name servers. So your customers can never know that you are reseller.
  • The billing system may run up to $20 per month but some companies offer absolutely free billing systems.
  • Whmcs or clientexec, are the best billing systems. All reputed web hosting companies offer these billing softwares absolutely free.
  • Choose a company on the basis of technical support offered, features and capabilities, reliability, pricing and their years into business.
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