If you wish to start a business, it is always wise to go for a low cost one. This is because we can never be sure whether the business will succeed or not. Most of us cannot afford to lose, at the first attempt. Low cost business exposes you to less risk in terms of loss.

Low Cost Startup Business Ideas
You can always start the following business with very low costs:

  • Consulting Business
    If you are an expert in your field of work and the field is much in demand you can start a consulting business. All you need is a table, chair, computer and a telephone. You can start this business in your home as well. Some good consulting business includes Advertising, Auditing, Business writing, Career counseling, Communications, Computer consulting, Editorial services, Executive search/headhunter firms, Gardening, Human resources, Insurance, etc.
  • Medical Claims Processing Billing
    It is always difficult to fill up forms for medical claims. People are always at a loss to fill the bills and more often than not walk into a trap. Even doctors find the ways of the insurance companies too confusing. If you take this up as a business you need almost no investment at all.
  • Interior Designer
    As an interior designer you are supposed to give people ideas on how to design their rooms and houses. As it involves suggestions and ideas, you need less investment. You can start the business from your drawing room.
  • Tutoring Services
    If you are an expert tutor you can start teaching your subject of specialization from your home. Once your fame as a teacher spreads, you can get many students willing to come and study at home. All you have to invest in is a black board and some benches.
  • Cleaning Services
    For starting this business all you need is a small work force comprising 2 to 3 people. Later on you may add kits like vacuum cleaner and other gadgets. As people do not have time to clean up their backyards or garages, you do very brisk business.

Low Cost Franchise Opportunity
Many small but reputed restaurants which do not have the means to spread far and wide offer franchise opportunity at very less price. You can start one such business and do brisk business.

Other low cost businesses are child care, elderly care, organizer, personal shopper, photography etc.

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  • By Vivek umrao on September 10, 2010, 9:06 am I am a working man.i have 4 yrs. of work experience.Currently I am working with icici prudential. I wanted to start a small business in which i don't want to give much time. The business should have good earning potential so that I can convert it as a full time business.

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Low Cost Business Ideas and Opportunities: Startup, Franchise Business

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