Question: Greetings, hi I am planning to starting business or new venture and not able to decide what I can start. I am a CA and have financial knowledge and working presently in IT company and also want to parallely start my own business. I have thought of export of garments to UK as I have known person in UK or to start a recruitment firm. Please guide.

By Ashish on Wed 21-May-2008 05:00 PM

Answer: Hey Ashish! I envy your vast expertise and qualifications :) . I am positive you will not find many predicaments when applying for a new job. Both options of starting business that you have mentioned (exporting garments and recruitment firm) are actually viable and quite profitable. However, you there is some risk involved. You ought to wait to see whether the business will succeed as you aspire or not. If it did not then all the overheads and other expenditures will just go in vain. I am not saying that these options are undesirable; rather they just need profound study.

However, I wonder, why don't you go virtual? In going virtual I mean starting business an online, home-based business. Given your vast array of expertise, IT, CA and financial knowledge, I am positive that you will be able to acquire very lucrative jobs online. A lot of very big business firms from first world countries choose to outsource their IT services as well as financial and customer care services to other countries. Such firms usually seek people as skilled as you are.


To hunt for such opportunities you should search for a freelancing website where such firms present their projects and you can apply for them. If the service buyer chooses to delegate his work to you then you should follow the instructions that he gives you and be very diligent and punctual. If you prove efficiency and the service buyer is satisfied he might hire you for long term projects at higher rates..

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