Belapur or CBD Belapur falls under Navi Mumbai. It has taken the shape of a vibrant business place. Its economical development in the past few years is phenomenal. CBD (Central Business District) under which Belapur exists has successfully shifted much of the economy and business shares of the choked off central Mumbai to the hinterland.

Belapur, along with Vashi and Nerul, the other nodes of Navi Mumbai, has undergone tremendous commercial and residential construction projects in recent years. The development of the region owes much to the smooth and frequent sources of transportation that link it with Mumbai. Apart from being a flourishing seat of business and commerce, Belapur is also emerging as an important tourist destination.

Job Opportunities in Belapur Navi Mumbai
Rapid development of Belapur has created numerous employment avenues. The strategic location of the area has allowed and contributed to the growth of government establishments and private companies. Major government employers of Belapur include:

  • Director of Town Planning
  • Public Works Department
  • Central Excise Office
  • Special Crime Branch
  • Cotton Corporation of India Ltd
  • Headquarters of Konkan Railway
  • MTNL

These offices account for great number of employment opportunities and jobs in Belapur Navi Mumbai.

BPO Jobs in Belapur
Belapur has become one of the most prominent seats of call center establishments and BPO jobs. Great brands of BPO that have mushroomed in Belapur include:

  • Shell Transource Ltd
  • Interglobe Technologies Pvt Ltd
  • Wipro Spectramind Services Pvt Ltd
  • Enser Communication Pvt Ltd
  • ChoiceConnex
  • Wipro BPO
  • Kaizen
  • SilkRoot

Other Part Time and Full Time Jobs
Apart from it, the International Technology Centre built at the Belapur Railway station complex is an important destination for IT and other related jobs in Belapur. This Infotech hub is known to offer wide range of part time jobs in Belapur and back office jobs in Belapur.

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Jobs in Belapur, Navi Mumbai: Part Time, Back Office, BPO and IT Jobs

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