The primary task of purchase jobs is to place orders for bulk purchases of goods. The goods are bought for in-house production or are purchased to be re-distributed. For instance in a steel manufacturing unit, coal is purchased in bulk for in-house use. But when a wholesaler buys items in bulk it is bought with the purpose of being sold to retailers. Purchase jobs play a very important role in the supply chain.

Purchasing Managers, buyers and purchasing agents play a very important role in a firm’s procurement process. All major cities in the country have large industrial units where there is a need to hire purchase managers. As Bangalore and Chennai have large number of industries, purchase jobs are very common here.

With the growth of the country’s economy, purchase jobs in the country are expected to grow. Large number of industries across all sectors is coming up like never before. Buying departments have a more active role to play because of mergers, expansions and acquisitions of businesses. Companies are now focusing in proper purchases as a means to save on costs as well as improve on quality output.

Purchase Jobs and Management Purchase Supply Chain

  • Purchase jobs in India are spread across diverse sectors.
  • You can get openings in purchase of software/hardware, sales of purchased goods, and marketing for goods purchase, purchase/supply chain, engineering procurement, ceramics purchase, building materials purchase jobs, welding materials purchase, hospital purchase, etc.
  • Candidates who have a degree in purchase and materials management can look forward for openings in the purchase job sector.
  • Positions available for them include metallurgical jobs, materials engineering jobs, polymer jobs, chemical engineer jobs etc.
  • There are several positions available in MNC management purchase supply chain.
    Like any other field experience counts a lot in purchase jobs.
  • After starting as a purchase professional one may rise up to become an assistant purchasing manager. In this position you may have to handle a team of purchasing professionals.
  • Considerable experience in this sector may lead you to the position of a supply manager, purchase manager or director of materials management.
  • Once at this position you may have to oversee management functions related to procurements.
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Purchase Jobs in Bangalore, Chennai MNC: Supply Chain Management

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